Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Distracted while cleaning my latex

Sunday I was spending the day inside.  I’d been wiped out from the day before an needed some “me” time.  So I took the opportunity to clean the apartment.  I started off by putting away laundry then shuffling around some of the furniture and getting a better arrangement of the living room layout.  After, I worked on trying to black a pair of pretty ratty boots.  They were a pair of pretty cheap black jungle boots, cracking leather after only a few months.  I did a decent job, but there’s only so much can be done.

Then came cleaning my latex.  I’d worn some of my latex recently, so I needed to pull them out and wash them off...  but I didn’t get right there.  Something about spending that time blacking my boots put me in a mood...

So around 3PM in the afternoon, I started putting on my new catsuit from STR (skintightrubber.com).  Actually, what I did first was apply a copious amount of lubricant and slip easily into the suit.  It was perfect.  The suit is the neck-entry model, size “large short” at 0.45mm thickness.  Very nice indeed.  I didn’t stop there, though.  On top of that I put on a pair of latex gloves.  The crotch zip got near-immediate use because I was finding myself pretty horny and started stroking.

Since I hadn’t layered in a while, I thought I’d add a little more.  Next went on another of my recent acquisitions, a transparent Matrix Catsuit from Libidex.  Actually, I hadn’t bought directly from Libidex.  I found they had a listing on e-Bay and managed to snag the suit for £123, instead of the normal £225.  A pretty good price.  The attached feet were great.  The suit is made more out of panels than long sheets of latex, and gets an interesting look from that, especially with the transparency.

With my torso, hands and feet covered, I knew there was only one thing left to do.  I went to put on a hood.  What did my hands land on first?  Well that would be the Mr. S Leather latex urinal hood.  I was kind of surprised that it actually fit me, but it fit well over my head and succeeded in sealing me into my latex cocoon.  All except my cock which hung free.

I stood in the bathroom, watching my alien reflection stroking, and knew what I had to do.  I went and got a bottle from the kitchen and filled it.  Moments later, I felt the salty tang of my piss as I emptied the urine-filled bottle into the hopper on the hood.

I actually liked my taste.

My bladder was empty and so I decided to be mean to myself.  I wasn’t going to let myself out of my latex until I got off.  And I wasn’t going to let myself get off until I poured a whole 1 liter bottle of piss down my throat in one go.  It didn’t help (or did it?) that I’d just emptied my bladder.

Knowing that I’d have to really drink a lot to get out a liter now, I started filling up cup after cup of water and pouring it into the front of the urinal hood.  That’s an evil device.  If the urinal cup fills to the top, it will cut off your breathing through your nose.  Definite incentive to swallow faster.  I was kinda harsh to myself.  My right hand lubed, I was stroking while practically water-boarding myself with cup after cup of water until I felt bloated, but my bladder wasn’t filling yet.

Waiting for my bladder to fill, I went to watch some porn.  I’ve got some really hot video I downloaded off of BDSkin’s website a few years ago.  Watching immobilized skinhead bondage while I’m trapped in rubber with a piss funnel?  Yeah.  That worked well.  I was dripping precum when I wasn’t pissing.

The piss did come.  It came in dribbles for a while.  I sabotaged myself when the bottle was about 1/3 full. I poured the piss over my face into the urinal while I stroked and accidentally snorted the piss up my nose.

I now had the taste in my mouth and the smell in my nose.  I was practically whimpering as I waited for my bladder to fill again, and it did.  And again, I got in my own way by diluting the piss with warm tap water and pouring that down my throat as well.

I found myself begging . . . myself.  I guess I’m a pretty aggressive top, even to myself?  I was swimming in piss and being horny as hell.  I would take breaks from watching more BDSkin porn to fill up the bottle.  In time, I filled it up and let myself grab some lube and start stroking off.

Watching myself in the bathroom mirror, I filled up the urinal hood’s cup quickly and started chugging down as fast as I could while quickly getting close.  I may have had 5 seconds from when the piss ran into my nose before I shot high up on the mirror, higher than my head, and I kept pouring as I shot and shot.  Nasty top Reddy “forced” subby pig Reddy to finish chugging his piss long after he’d finished coming.

It was past dark when I finally stepped into the shower to finish “washing” my latex off, making it easily three or more hours in full coverage.  I think the new gear fits pretty well.

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  1. Great experience - but a pity you had to do it to yourself so you couldn't be blindfold fully.