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Story:The Bathroom KO, chapter 3

The Bathroom KO

Chapter 3

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What follows is a piece of fiction.  Any similarity to living persons is coincidental.  The author does not condone the activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
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Putting on my Fieldsheer two-piece leathers, Marius asked me, "So, are you going to bring him over?" Akasha looked on with a blank face. Pondering as I headed to the motorcycle, "I haven't decided yet." Looking around, I couldn't find my gloves, but then I saw them on the other side of the yard. Telekinetically picking them up, they flew across the room, and onto my waiting hands. Starting the Yamaha up, the roar of the engine filled my ears . . .
. . . as the roar of crashing waves filled my ears, I started to come around. I had slept fitfully. The dreams came and went. I could hear the waves of the ocean crashing nearby. It filled my hearing and frustrated me. Again I shouted, as when I had woken previous times. Again it was in vain. "Hello! Is anyone there?!"
The small tent that Marcus had erected about my head prevented me from seeing anything. Between the dark night, and the opaque fabric, the pitch black was driving me nuts. I had no idea how long I'd been here. I couldn't even say if it actually was still night.
In the night, the once wet sand had dried and packed tight. My awkward position prevented most movement, and leg cramps had long since set in and gone, only to repeat the process again.
These things, which were once fantasy, were rapidly proving to make me miserable. And my misery served to distract me from what was happening around me. I failed to hear the changing noises around me.
All of a sudden, the tent was yanked up, kicking sand into the air as I was suddenly blinded by brilliant light. Squeezing my eyes shut against the light and sand, I didn't see someone come kneel down next to me in my hole. I felt him quickly, but deliberately forcing what felt like a rubber seal over my head and down to my neck. My head had just been pushed through the center of a large sheet of latex. It was snug around my neck.
With my eyes still squeezed shut, they (I was soon to learn how many 'they' were) pulled the sheet up over my head and held it bunched tight over me. With the rubber sealed tight around my throat, I only had the air in there with me... which, of course, I wasted.
"HEY! Enough already. Let me out of here! Marcus, you sonnovabitch, let me ou..CH!" Apparently, my little nap in the sand had led me to forget the gun that was pointed at me earlier. A sharp smack across the face, through the latex, reminded me that not only was I not in control, but my life was potentially in danger.
My huffing and puffing from the resurfacing anger and fear served to emphasize my dwindling air. The latex, which had stuck lightly to my face from the smack drew in closer with each breath, and began to suck in against my mouth with each breath. It was terror that forced me to take more frequent shallow breaths, using up the air faster and faster. In a short amount of time, I decided to use the last gasp of air I had in my lungs to hoarsely spit out, "Please! Air!"
For one long frightening moment, the latex sucked to my mouth after that exhalation. My lungs burned with the vacuum of trying to fill again. Suddenly came the explosion of light and sound! My eyes, unaccustomed to the light, were doubly dazzled by the tunnel vision and stars from the lack of oxygen. The pounding in my ears subsided as I open mouth-inhaled deep draughts of ocean air. Over the sound of far-off waves lapping at the sand came the nearby voices of men laughing.
Men. Plural. As that sank in, my head was jerked back and a cock-shaped piss gag was shoved in my mouth. My head was roughly pushed forward so that it could be buckled shut and locked. This gag was different from the last one, I noticed. Aside from being a soft cock-shaped gag as opposed to a hard tube, this one had a tube running out the front. I couldn't follow the tube to its end because it ran behind me.
My eyes were clearing, and I could see men, about 15 to 20, in various states of undress. There was a barbeque going, and coolers. My head was below ground level due to the depth of the hole, but I could still see out slightly.
There's no telling how long these men had been here, my mind was still fuzzy from whatever drug it was that Marcus had fed me. But I suddenly knew my role for the day when the platform was placed above me, giving me shade from the sun. The tube from my gag was plugged into the underside of what looked to be a small sink or basin... or urinal.
Marcus's smiling face appeared as he jovially lay on his side in front of me. "Hey buddy. Glad to see you're awake. I thought you were gonna sleep all day. Told you I had a party to get to. Okay, so I had a party to get here. Any case, you'll be providing a great service to my friends, so please be a good sport about it. Now people have been waiting a while for the urinal, there's gonna be a line. I hope you're thirsty!"
With that, Gavin stood up, so I could only see up to his upper thighs, the platform with the basin blocked any other view. And then I watched as the line formed. I was tired, cranky, and more than a bit disturbed by this whole thing. 'Good sport, my ass. He gave me some freedom, I'm going to use it.' I stopped up the piss gag with my tongue and waited.
The sound of a piss stream hitting the plastic basin started above me. In moments, it turned into a gurgling. "Hey Marc, seems the urinal's clogged up" called a deep bass voice.
Marcus's easily recognized tenor responded, "Don't worry, just keep going. There's overflow protection."
'Christ', I thought. '30 seconds... 35... 40 seconds. This guy's got a full bladder alright.' The stream trailed off and then I watched the thick, hairy legs walk away as another partygoer stepped up. After the third guy with a large bladder was finishing up and as number four was starting, I heard a noise almost hidden by the gurgling piss water above me. "click - click - click", and after the third click, there was a rush of piss dumped on my head from a pressure release valve. I closed my eyes in time, but it still stung my eyes and nose.
Breathing heavily as the valve snapped back shut I heard the stream of the fourth man hitting the plastic directly. Stunned from the sudden deluge of piss on my head, I completely forgot about keeping the gag stopped up and I got a mouth-full of piss. It just kept on flowing. Once I'd started the swallowing motions, it was almost as hard to stop as it was to stop pissing mid-stream. At the moment I managed to get my tongue blocking the hole again, number four had finished. Next guy up started his flow and the basin started filling again.
At first, I thought my debate was between drinking the piss, and having the piss dumped on me and flowing off into the sand. As man number 6 started pissing into the bowl above me, I noticed the piss around me. It wasn't sinking into the sand because of the latex sheet snug around my neck. If I didn't drink, the piss was just going to fill up the hole around me and I'd end up drinking it anyway to keep from drowning. 'Great.'
I exhaled through my nose, took in a deep breath and let go with my tongue. I don't know how my stomach took that much piss water in one sitting, but I managed to down the next 2 guys full bladders, and then the line was done.
Over the course of the next few hours, the sun baked the beach around me. I could catch glimpses of some of the men, none of who looked familiar. But for the most part, all I saw were legs, and the far-off chatter of conversation and laughter.
It wasn't long before my own bladder filled, and I had no choice but to let go into my pants, eventually soaking the sand around me. The cramps in my muscles had cramps of their own, but I had grown used to them as well. Every now and then, Marcus came by and poured some plain water down the basin.
I can only guess it was mid afternoon, when one of the partygoers started walking over. I could see his hairless, chubby legs walking up. And then I got nervous. Standing right in front of the urinal, he turned around and spread his feet some. His toes were facing away from me.
The thoughts that flashed through my mind were enough to make me sick. Piss was one thing, but . . . Before my thoughts could reach completion, I heard thumping on the sand rapidly approach and a meaty thud as Marcus slammed into the chubby man. The combination of the shoes and Marcus's voice told me who'd just saved me. Saved me?
"Hey, I told you, that was off limits. He's a urinal, not a stall! Bill, get your 'friend'," you could practically hear the quotes and italics in Marcus's voice, "out of here."
Shortly, Marcus was on his hands and knees in front of my piss-pit. "I think I got here in time, I don't see anything above. Did anything reach you?"
Wide-eyed confusion adorned my face as I slowly shook my head left to right. The tube connecting me to the basin swayed with the motion.
"Good, I don't like when people misuse my toys." He smiled and winked at me as he jumped up and jogged back over to the party.
'His toys?' I thought, and was presently interrupted by another flow of piss from a pair of feet I hadn't noticed. The day continued.
As the light faded at sunset, the smell of half-day-old piss was ripe about me. I heard the last car drive off in the distance. Marcus walked over and sat down in front of me. He lifted the basin up, disconnected the hose, and put it aside. Motioning for me to tilt my head slightly forward, he unstrapped the gag and tossed it and the hose into the basin.
I stared up at him through beaten eyes. I'd given up the will to fight that afternoon. And after the incident with the chubby guy, I didn't know what to think.
I coughed, and then started off with a raspy voice, "Wha... What happens now?"
"Well, you've had a pretty long day." He grabbed the ends of the rubber sheet and quickly pulled up. The seal slid over my head, rather tightly, and the last of the evaporating piss dumped back down on me. He grabbed a bottle of water, and dumped it on me, rinsing the stale piss off into the sand. He grabbed a bottle with a spout top and, pushing my head back firmly, placed the opening in my mouth. "Drink up." I drank. The water was sweet, slightly flavored.
"You're free to go. You can dig yourself out any time. You'll probably be too tired to finish shortly, but you'll get out sooner or later" He pointed off behind me. "Your car's a few hundred feet that way, along with a few sandwiches. I imagine you're starved." He looked around, smiling. "I understand there's going to be a wedding here tomorrow. You'll probably want to be gone from here before then. If you're still here, I'm sure they'll help dig you up."
Incredibly, I maintained my composure. No crying, no screaming. I was spent. "Why?"
"Why?" He responded. "You know why. You wanted this, or something like this. And you know what? You want more. I saw the look in your eyes in the bathroom back at the office. You want this, and you want more. Next time, though, you're going to have to ask. Maybe beg. Beg... yes, I think I'd like to see you beg."
I hung my head as best I could. I didn't want eye contact then. I wanted him to go away. I wanted to be home and showered. Sand stuck to my chin and lips. Marcus grabbed the short hair of my high & tight with his pinched fingers and pulled my head back. He saw my eyes.
"Yeah, you're going to beg, aren't you." It was a statement. The look in his eyes told me he wanted a response.
After a long moment, "Yes" came out my lips. Still he held me there, waiting. Waiting. " . . . Sir."
He let go, got up and started walking away. I could already feel the sedative in that last drink working. I was going to be stuck here for hours more before I could start digging myself out.
"Oh, I'll see you at work on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend." With a resigned sigh, I started trying to wiggle my way out. I wanted to make some progress before night completely fell, before exhaustion claimed me, and definitely before that wedding party arrived in the morning.

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