Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Chastity "Anniversary"

It's been one month, 31 days since I was last able to pleasure myself.  By the standing chastity rules, it'll be at least another 24 days.

I'm horny, that's a given.  What wasn't a given was the urgent need to come I have experience the past couple of days.  By urgent, I mean that simply sitting at my desk or in the car, I had the distinct impression that i could almost spontaneously have an orgasm.

Being horny hasn't surprised me.  What has surprised me is that I haven't taken advantage of the ability to get off.  The rules allow for me to get off.  Heck, getting off by others was kind of one of the cornerstones of my original intention for this escapade.  In actuality, I've had one orgasm, and that was by a blow job over two weeks ago while I was released for a cleaning.

I'm having some minor irritations around the device.  My skin, as usual is getting rubbed pretty raw.  If I didn't have the keyholder I do, I'd probably be out by now.  It's not that he's cruel, it's that I know that he'll push back if I ask for some kind of reprieve.  That's why I've asked him to keyhold for me, because he'll keep me honest.  And since I know he'll push back, I'm not complaining about the minor problems.  I'll hold off until there's a legitimate concern.

So far, the skin irritation has been able to be handled by using some antibiotic ointment.  I'm using petroleum based Neosporin with pain reliever in this case.  It keeps things lubricated and supresses a little of the irritation.

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