Monday, May 9, 2011

Poorly defined desires, 215-534-267

With this recent round of chastity, it's allowing me to think more about what I want from kink.

As I mentioned previously, I find myself wanting a master of some sort.  JW and I had discussed this recently.  He's a good friend and an excellent top and keyholder.  However, we agree that he's not going to be the one to have a permanent collar on me.  He's got a full plate with his own boy.

So my thoughts on slavery and submission are nothing new.  I periodically explore this side of my personality.  The idea of being property is appealing to me on some level.  Like having a contract which can be passed along.  That's part of what drove me to register for an "SLRN" around this time last year.  Another part was the idea that having someone claim ownership would be . . . a positive boost for my ego.

Of course, thoughts of slavery, of having a chain locked around my neck are tempered by my aggressive nature, desire to top, and of course, my relationship with Rocket.  He always comes first.  And the way I feel in relationships, it would take much work for me to establish a real connection with a top/sir/master/etc without having some kind of effect on my primary relationship.

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