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Story:Eternal Rubber, Chapter 4

Eternal Rubber

Chapter 4

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Alex woke in the morning curled up on a large pillow. As he had been since the night before, he was surrounded by the smells of rubber and sweat and sex. He’d lost track of how many men’s crotches he’d sniffed and more in the bar.
Yawning and stretching with his paws out in front of him, he realized that they weren’t paws anymore. His hands were hands again! They were still enclosed in rubber gloves which ran up his arms but they were able to open up fully and flex individually.
Immediately, he jumped to his feet to inspect his surroundings. He had been sleeping on a large latex covered pillow on the floor… of someone’s room not his own. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye and whipped around to face it.

A stranger, covered head to toe in rubber, whipped around to face him at the same time. Feeling first foolish and then aroused, Alex walked towards the floor to ceiling mirror and examined himself.
Alex was covered in shiny black latex, and it was tight. His tight, 5’5” frame glistened. Alex could make out muscles under the latex that he didn’t think he had. Approaching the mirror, he rubbed his hands over his own body, feeling his hands slide around his head, over his chest, down his abs and down to grab his balls and now obviously hard cock.
His cock wasn’t exposed, but covered in its own latex sheath that matched his skin as he got harder. A small slit at the tip of the sheath showed his precum dripping out. Alex moaned in pleasure as he explored his body.
“I told you that you’re a lifer.”
Alex turned his head to look towards the speaker, not dropping his cock.
“Morning, Mister.” Alex responded politely, if breathily. “How did I get here? And who are you?”
The Stranger, as Alex still thought of him, was covered in latex from head to toe as well. He even still had that strange cloak of latex tendrils dangling from his shoulders. They seemed to sway in the breeze, though Alex couldn’t feel one. Behind him, he could look down at New York City, and Alex could tell that they were very high up.
“Really, Alex, what dog knows his owner’s name?”
“I’m not . . . “ Alex trailed off.
“No? It must have been a different dog about your size I saw last night then.” The Stranger paced over to the window to face north out over the city, the rising sun bathing the buildings in an orange glow. “He rather enjoyed himself too: sniffing the crotches of so many hot men, mounting that poor boy spread eagled on the floor in the back room and pounding his ass until he whimpered, waking up in the morning still expecting to be a dog.”
Alex felt drawn to this man, and while he spoke, slowly walked closer. Still hard and dripping, he reached out for the man. Just before Alex could touch him, the man snapped his finger and pointed down in one fluid gesture. As if by reflex, Alex dropped to floor beside him, his knees spread wide and resting lightly on his knuckles.
Turning, the man smiled down and took his head gently in both of his hands. “You are a natural, but you need to come to it in your own time, my beautiful hound. Just relax and enjoy it.”
He was panting; his tongue was hanging slightly out of his mouth as he listened to the Stranger. When he leaned down, all Alex wanted to do was to lick him. He wanted to taste the man, his rubber, his sweat. The urge was strong and came from deep inside.
The Stranger cut off Alex’s lunge to lick his face by pulling him in for a deep kiss. Alex’s world narrowed into a blinding focus. He saw nothing. He heard nothing but the pounding of his blood in his ears. He felt only the man’s hands on his head and the swirl of their tongues in their mouths. The only smells or taste in his universe in that moment was the aroma of rubber and the salty twang of their sweat mingling, dripping from underneath their hoods.
The moment lasted for a second and for eternity. While they kissed, it was the only thing in his world. When the kiss broke off, it seemed the kiss had just begun and he longed for more.
Alex whimpered briefly as the man rubbed his head, gently pushing him away. He then gasped with an inhale of breath as cold air hit him from behind. His skin was suddenly exposed to air, starting from the back of his neck where the man was rubbing, and then spreading down his back.
Shocked back to awareness, he asked, “Why?”
“You want more, do you?”
“Yes! Do I have to take this off now?”
“For now.” The man took Alex’s hands and helped him stand. “You’re beautiful. You’re horny. But you still have second thoughts.” The Stranger helped Alex pull the suit off. It was tight, and the seals around his wrists and neck were sturdy. It would be difficult to remove on his own.
Pointing to a door, the Stanger said, “Go clean up. I’ll be waiting”.
Alex showered. He found the heat of the shower soothed muscles he wasn’t aware were sore. It was a glorious feeling. Even more so when Alex looked around the stone tiled shower stall and realized that a small army could shower in here comfortably. He was surprised to note that while the shower was relaxing, he wasn’t grimy or sticky from all those hours inside the suit.
When he returned to the room, the Stranger was gone. There was short stack of shallow department-store style boxes sitting on the bed. At the foot of the bed was the rubber dog-bed that Alex woke up on less than an hour earlier.
Sitting on top of the stack of multiple colored boxes was a note,
Take some time and think about what you want. I want you as my hound, but it must be your choice. In the mean time, as thanks for the pleasure you gave me, I have some gifts for you.
In the white box are new clothes for you to wear home. We seem to have misplaced your clothes from last night.
In the gray box is a set of latex: suit, hood, gloves. They won’t fit you as well as your suit from last night, but you will find pleasure from them. These are yours to keep and are for your pleasure.
In the black box is your suit from last night. Only you will ever wear it. Do not put it on until you are ready to come to me. When you do, I will own you and your pleasure, and all will be right.
You will take time to consider my proposition. I will not see you for two weeks. Even when you come to the club, I will not see you.
Enjoy yourself,
Alex read the hand-written note but was unable to read the signature at the bottom. Shucking his robe, Alex quickly dressed in the replacement for his clothes from the night before. He found an almost exact match for his clothes from the night before, save for the quality of the clothes. Where he had a white cotton t-shirt, he had a tight white Under Armour shirt. His new stone-washed jeans were snug and flexible. Even the tan work boots were the same make and model, and apparently freshly off the shelf though they felt as if they were already broken in.
How the man had matched him so perfectly and quickly, he didn’t’ know, but Alex enjoyed the feeling of his new clothes. He thought it would be rude to snoop around the home, so he left promptly. Picking up his boxes, he found his way out of the massive apartment.
An hour later, back home in the small apartment he shared with his body building roommate, Alex flopped onto his bed and thought about the night before. This early on Sunday morning, Brock would already be at work.
Alex took the Stranger’s comments to heart; he put the black box aside to think about for later. In the mean time, he pulled open the gray box and saw the suit which was laid out for him. Unlike the solid black of his suit of the night before, this one had color.
The hood was smooth, shiny and black, with a cowl that came down over the shoulders slightly. A pencil thin yellow stripe ran vertically up the neck under each ear, angled back towards where the base of the skull should be, then angled up again just before meeting, straight over the top of the skull and turning for one last right angle to meet each other just at the brow.
The gloves were similarly marked. They ran up over the forearms almost to the elbow. A simple pattern of yellow lines crisscrossed the back of the glove and then ran in a single line down each finger and thumb, making a cross-mark at each knuckle.
This was all so new to Alex that he couldn’t wait to put them on. The gloves went on first, and while they weren’t baggy, they weren’t at snug and tight as the rubber he wore the night before. They fit, but if he were any smaller or they any bigger, they could slide right off.
Pulling the hood on, he noticed that what he thought were solid eyes were some sort of one-way material. He could see out, but not in, as he looked at himself in the mirror.
Alex was still staring at himself in the mirror when he heard the front door slam shut.
“God damnit! You home Alex? They closed the gym down this morning. Something about a water main break they said...” Brock came to a halt at the door to his room, which was where the three-part mirror that Brock always used for posing was.
“Wha – ho. Looks like middle America got his freak on!” Alex was still wearing his new jeans and underarmour shirt, with the hood and gloves. “That is you in there, isn’t it?” Brock asked, stepping up to and towering over the partially rubber covered boy. At six feet six inches, Brock was a full foot taller than Alex, and scaled up appropriately.
Alex, if possible, seemed to shrink more at the advance of the body builder. He nodded and issued a muffled “yes” through the hood. It was difficult to open his mouth in there.
Brock, for his part, was wearing his standard gym clothes: a pair of white compression shorts covered over a pair of “conservative” black nylon shorts to hide his always-obvious bulge and a short sleeved white underarmour t-shirt that matched the one Alex was still wearing.
“I see you’ve started following my lead on shopping. It looks good on you kiddo.” Stripping off his own shirt, he flexed his pecs, making them perk up. “I know it always looks good on me. We have a problem, though, middle America. You know the rules, no coming into my room. There are consequences. And by the way you can’t help staring at my body, and the hard-on you’re sporting, I don’t think you’re gonna mind them.”
With that Brock picked up the smaller man, placing one hand on either side of his waist and lifting. Alex immediately let his hands caress the giant’s massive arms. “I was going to do some training today. Looks like someone other than my client is getting trained this morning.”
Alex didn’t even bother trying to object as the mountain of muscle lay him down on the bed and proceeded to straddle his chest, pinning Alex’s arms to his side. Brock slowly and methodically unlaced Alex’s boots, unbuttoned his jeans and grabbed both boots and the legs of Alex’s jeans. In one motion, Brock stripped him from the waist down.
As Brock tossed the pants aside, he caught a glimpse of the suit. “Alex, Alex. Did you come into some money? This must be for me. I’ve seen these suits before, and this is much too large for you.”
Brock stood and walked over to where the suit lay, picking it up. “Nice quality, and already lubed? You must’ve been waiting for me.” Brock smiled and quickly stripped the rest of his clothes off.
“You stay there and watch, boy. You’re not going to get past me, anyway.”
Alex merely nodded, mesmerized by Brock’s semi-erect penis. The thing was easily six inches and not yet fully hard. It also boasted a large solid ring. Brock’s PA was apparently an unbroken ring, and gleamed in the sun streaming in the window.
Showing excellent balance and muscle control, Brock lifted one leg and smoothly slid it into the top of the shoulder-entry suit and down into one leg. Once his foot popped into the attached sock, Brock pulled it up to his knee. Putting his foot back down, he easily balanced on that one and slid his other foot into its leg of the suit. Alex marveled at how the latex stretched over Brock’s calves. He couldn’t imagine the rubber had that much give to it.
Brock continued to smooth the rubber out over his thighs and around his ass. When the suit was half-way up his torso, he inserted his arms into the sleeves and pulled the suit up to his neck, where the zippers on his shoulders pulled it snug.
More of the pencil thin yellow stripes ran all over this suit and seemed designed to accentuate every muscle that Brock worked so hard to perfect. The effect was stunning, and arousing. Alex watched, his erect dick dripping pre-cum at the site of this muscle god in latex.
When Alex started stroking himself, Brock chided, “No no no. Don’t touch yourself just yet.”
Brock finished adjusting his crotch, and found that one of those pencil-thin lines hid a zipper, which opened, letting his now rubber-covered cock to flop out.
“This must be made for me!” Brock spouted, practically drooling. “It’s even got space in this cock sheath for my PA.
Brock stepped quickly to the bed, and knelt over Alex. “Feel me. You wanted in my room, you know the price. Worship my body, boy.”
Alex ran his gloved hands over Brock’s rubber covered monstrosity of a chest. The rubber was slick, as if coated in a thin, thin layer of lubricant. Though when he grabbed Brock’s nipple, he easily gained purchase on the pert erogenous zone.
“That’s good boy, but not too hard.” Brock put both hands behind his head and flexed, showing off his entire upper body.
Alex breathed hard through the nose-holes of the hood, his only source of air. Enjoying himself, he let his hands stray to Brock’s sheathed dick, feeling the hard metal hanging under the tip.
“You want that, Middle America?” Alex nodded. He would be drooling if not for the hood pinning his mouth shut. “With that hood on, you know there’s only one place it can go.”
Alex swallowed, and even through the hood, Brock could see the expression.
“Don’t worry boy, I’ll go easy on you.”
Again lifting Alex like a child, Brock held him aloft as he lay himself down on his back.
“Okay, reach over to the night stand and grab that bottle of lube. Good. Now you make sure that we’re all good and lubed. That’ll make this go …aahhh… yeah, that’s right. The whole mmmm shaft. Don’t forget yourself. Yeah, I want you to finger yourself with all that lube.”
While Alex followed Brock’s orders, Brock set Alex down on his knees over Brock’s crotch. Shifting his grip, Brock grabbed Alex’s balls in one hand and explored Alex’s torso with the other.
“You’ve got a nice set here, boy. You should be proud. Especially for someone your size. I meant your pecs, kid. For someone who doesn’t work out much, you’ve got a lot of natural muscle. And your balls are a nice grab too.”
For emphasis, Brock slowly and gently pulled down on Alex’s sack, lining his dick up with the boy’s hole.
“Here’s how it works, boy. You want off my dick, you just gotta pull off.”
Brock continued to slowly pull down making Alex slowly sit on his dick.
“Relax boy, you’ll love it. Just open up and let me in.”
Alex couldn’t fight the tug on his balls for long and slowly, he felt Brock’s now painfully erect dick pushing against his sphincter. Stretching him open, it was like he was almost being ripped. It only lasted for a moment, and then Brock’s head and PA popped through.
Under the hood, Alex’s eyes rolled back into his head.
For several minutes, Brock stared into the anonymous black and yellow face of Alex’s hood as he pulled down on the boy’s balls. When Alex thought that Brock was in as deep as he could go, Brock let go of Alex’s ball.
He sighed in relief just before Brock grabbed each of Alex’ ankles and quickly spread them apart. It was a strange maneuver, but Alex’s feet went from under his body to out to either side of Brock’s torso. The sudden change in position unsettled Alex, giving Brock better access and causing him to slam all the way down to Brock’s pelvis. In the last instant, Alex felt something hit a spot deep within himself causing him to gasp and throw his head back.
Brock knew just where he’d hit, as planned.
“Put your hands on my chest. Play with my nipples.”
As Alex leaned forward, Brock thrust his hips up quickly, causing Alex to pop up a bit then to slam down onto his shaft again. After a few more test plowing, Brock set up a hard rhythm, pounding on Alex’s prostate.
“Oh, you’ve *uh* got a tight *unh* ass, Middle America. *unh* Hope I’m not ruining *unh* you. I could *ahhh* get used to *ohh* this.”
Alex moved one hand to start to stroke himself and Brock answered by slamming the boy’s ass even harder, saying in a smooth voice, “Put that hand back on my chest or you will regret it.”
Alex answered by putting his hands where directed and began playing even harder with Brock’s nipples.
“That’s right, they’re not fragile. Yeah! Harder! Give ‘em a good squeeze”
The harder that Alex pulled and squeezed, the faster and harder Brock thrust. Slowly, Alex felt a pressure building in his own balls. A tightening every time Brock pounded his prostate. Unexpectedly, Alex felt himself releasing a muffled scream as he shot all over Brock’s chest and catching him in the face.
Alex’s sudden tightening and watching the tight boy shoot hands free was more than enough to push Brock over the edge. Grunting and growling, he plunged harder for a few strokes before planting himself as deeply as he could into Alex’s ass. Letting go of the boy’s ankles, which he’s held aloft this whole time, he grabbed Alex’s waist and pulled him down hard onto his shaft.
A shudder went through both men’s bodies as they collapsed onto their sides. Alex panted hard through the nose holes until Brock reached over and peeled the sweaty mess off the boy’s head.
Licking the sweat off of Alex’s forehead and giving him a quick peck on the lips, Brock said to him, “You should make a habit of getting caught in my room… if I ever let you leave.” He finished with a wink.

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