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Story:Cicero, chapter 2


Chapter 2 – The unexpected mating

Contains: Rubber, scifi, bondage, mind control, nonconsensual, Furry/Anthropomorphics
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Cicero stood in the doorway to his balcony after his shower, taking in the night air and staring up into the sky. It was late spring and coming up on his birthday in a few days. In preparation, he’d scheduled some time off from work for this long weekend. Thinking to himself, Cicero pondered his birthday plans, “Maybe I’ll do a road trip out into…”
Cicero’s thoughts were cut short by a strange sound from above. He looked up at the clear night and saw only stars. He got a nice view of several constellations, even the faint ones like . . . “It was there just a moment ago.” A star just above the horizon was blotted out, as if something a blind were pulled over it. He heard the strange sound grow stronger, like a whistling sound. “Maybe some kids are setting off fireworks.”
He started to turn to go dig out his telescope and get a better look at the sky, one of his few relaxing and tame hobbies when a glimmer caught his eye. Something shiny in the sky in the direction of the star, reflecting. He was looking back over his shoulder when it happened all in an instant.
Something small and wet hit him hard in the middle of his back as he was walking away from the balcony. Cicero’s first thought was “My god, I’ve been shot!” The force of the impact felt like the time he’d taken a bullet in the back, protected by his bulletproof vest.
He stumbled forward with the impact and in that moment of impact, so tendrils of something black whip out in front of him and across his body. The black ooze which seemed to have fallen from the sky smacked into his body and splashed. But rather than splatter all over his living room, it held firm and used that force of impact to throw itself around the stunned rhino.
Instantly, Cicero’s back was coated as the ooze seemed to run down his back. The sticky substance clung to his arms and some even landed on his muzzle, innocuously running down each side of his mouth.
This impact and splash took fractions of a second and Cicero was instantly winded. He leaned up against the wall for a moment to catch that breath just knocked out of him. A small trickle of the ooze ran into his mouth as he voiced “What in the hell was that?” He ineptly tried spitting the black stuff out of his mouth as he stared wonderingly at his arm. The ooze, the substance which had coated his arms in long strips was now running down and coating more of his limb. Watching its progress, Cicero couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t just running down, with gravity, but also spreading up and over his forearms, reaching towards his hands.
That’s when he noticed other strange movements. The stuff running down his back had pooled just below his tail and what had been a pool was now trying to force its way in! The strand that had wrapped around his left hip was now wrapped equally firmly around his ball sack, and it was squeezing!
Within seconds of impact by whatever this was, it was getting way too intimate for Cicero’s taste. He made to move towards the phone to quickly dial 911 while he could.
Almost in the moment of crystallizing that thought, Cicero felt the black substance react. The small flow in his mouth bulged into a solid rubbery mass forcing his jaw slightly open as more of it wrapped around his muzzle and nose, blocking the air. A the same time, the mass at his ass suddenly pushed its way into his hole, forcing it open despite all the clenching that Cicero could manage.
Cicero didn’t know what to make of it all. Less than a minute ago, the rhino-human half breed was standing in the night air, and now he was struggling for air as something probed his ass, stroked his balls, cut off his air and gagged him, and was shortly manipulating his nipples as the substance roamed across his chest.
He didn’t know why, but he wasn’t panicking. Cicero was responding to the sexual stimulation because it was just the things he enjoyed experiencing. He was being over stimulated in rapid succession leading to… Leading to what?
Already short of breath as this manipulation started and without a fresh intake of air, Cicero began to see stars just as the unexpected climax hit him. He roared silently into his gag, devoid of air as the probe at his ass plunged in and out, stretching and teasing his sphincter. His balls, his erogenous zone, were being fondled and pulled and squeeze gently but firmly. His nipples pinched and pulled and stroked.
The single horned rhinoceros started to see stars, and he came. He came violently and fully. Shockingly drained, he collapsed to his knees and began clawing at his mouth. He needed air! He needed to breathe and hopefully to get help.
There was none to be had, though. As he lay there, he felt the substance crawl over his hands and legs, more rapidly now. He was slowly being absorbed into this black ooze. His mighty fingers were turned into a massive and useless fist as he strained to stretch out his hand, now covered in blackness.
As the darkness within him threatened to consume him, as the pounding in his head from need of air became hammering agony, the ooze had completely engulfed his body. As his eyes were being blotted out by the spreading black shine, Cicero saw small tendrils of blackness reaching across the floor and somehow lapping up his jism as it had landed on the floor.
In that final moment, where Cicero expected death as his eyes were covered, a miracle happened. While Cicero was now completely engulfed, cocooned in this black ooze, three holes appeared. Two small holes and one large hole emerged: two for his nostrils and one down the center of his flowing rubber gag.
Sweet air flooded Cicero’s lungs as he sucked down lungful after lungful. He was still immobilized, blind, gagged, but he was still alive.
Cicero had time to just finish catching his breath when he felt something starting. In his delirious yearning for air, Cicero missed that the stimulation had stopped. This time, in addition to everything else, it had a full grip on his dick. His ass was again the focus of stimulation, his balls were groped and his body became a plaything.
In moments, Cicero felt his air flow being constricted. The cycle was starting again. Only this time, the massive rhino was completely immobilized on the flood, a mound of horned, and now horny flesh being the play thing of Maker knew what, or for how long it might last.

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