Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Are you ready for some football?

Okay, so obviously I'm more than a bit late with this one. I had been asked by [info]fauxpawroo :

Request: Football gear bondage photos? I dunno if you have football gear but if you do I would love these forever because you are gorgeous and that would be an amazing combo :OOOO

also I have no idea what to ask lol

She asked this, of course, before I put back on 20 pounds. But that's the way the cookie crumbles. That and finding a photographer/top combination for this isn't that easy.

In the mean time, I've posted these pics and more up on my flickr page, under a set specifically for Football Gear. As I mention in the pics... I love football uniforms... not a big fan of the armor:

MM Football request-20MM Football request-04MM Football request-08MM Football request-09MM Football request-14

Again, many more ppics from this set are available at Football Gear

This photo set was also an effort in me trying to learn how to properly use my stroblight system for photography.

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  1. GRRRRRR...

    I missed the one with your hands bound, before.


    If you were in the room with me now...