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Story:Boys Should Be Seen, part 4

Boys Should Be Seen

Part 4

Contains: Rubber, bondage, non-consent, mind control, SciFi
Copyright © 2006 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of any archive.
What follows is a piece of fiction. Any similarity to living persons is coincidental. The author does not condone the activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
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My wandering mind lost track of time until I heard the voice again. "Boy." As the voice spoke, the panel at the bottom of the door opened, and a rubber mat was slid through, just inside the door. "Go over to rubber pad and kneel down, facing away from the door. The mat is the boy's reward for being good. Continued good behavior will provide more rewards. As the boy's rewards increase, punishments for misbehavior will also increase. Now move."
I quickly got up and walked the few feet to the mat, which was well within reach of my wall-leash. I could see there was a metal support frame around the rubber pad, with little sockets along the frame. The Voice, as I began to think of my keeper, spoke again. "See the holes in the frame. A smart boy would match up the holes with the pegs on the boy's restraints."
Lining up the pegs on the metal pods around my hands with the holes, my hands felt pulled down, and then locked into place. Magnets must have guided them down. My hands weren't moving, no matter how I tried to move them. And they were right under my neck. I knew if I tried to lean down too far, the collar touching my restraints would be painful.
Preoccupied with the predicament in front of me, I was unprepared for the sudden 'thump' and 'click' behind me. I felt something hit, and then seem to latch onto the rear portion of my, well, chastity jock. Whatever had latched onto my metal loin-piece was rigid, and did not let me move my hips at all. I looked back behind me as best I could, and saw a large metal beam and a series of tubes.
This metal pole, now attached to my metal shorts, did not budge an inch as I tried lurching forward or side-to-side. Careful not to touch my metal mitts to the collar, I rested my forehead on my hands. A few tears welled up as the weight of what was happening to me again settled into my conscious mind. Fearful of the pain that would come at the slightest noise, I let the tears flow and the nose run. I knew speech would bring the pain, but was not sure if sniffles would as well.
I knelt there for some time, my eyes watery and nose running. Nothing happened, save for my distracting myself with the roar of the ocean still being played over the speakers. They'd added the occasional sound of seagulls to the mix. I began to relax again.
"Boy, you're doing well." The voice was soft this time, gently overlaid with the crashing waves. "Continue to behave properly, and your life will continue to be easy." After watching that video, he didn't need to say more. I took a deep breath and waited. He continued, "You need to be properly cleaned. Relax, and the discomfort will be less. Obedience will keep you free of real pain."
I suddenly noticed a tickle. It was something teasing the opening of my ass followed by an increasing pressure. I feel a cool slickness press against and then enter my hole. I felt it slither inside and I gasped. Yes, I could swear it was a slithering sensation. Whatever was entering me was maneuvering around... It didn't quite hurt, but there was an incredible level of sensory stimulation. I was biting my lip to keep from grunting or vocalizing. The blood almost flowed when suddenly it stopped. No, my invader hadn't retreated, but the sensation itself had stopped. I think it had stopped moving. What was this thing? It was too long, thin and dexterous for it to be a finger.
A feeling of pressure dawned upon me, sneaking up on me while I waited for the almost painful stimulation to begin again. But this pressure was different. The thing in me was expanding! As it grew, I felt the need to shit, to force it out. No such luck. It grew to what was first an almost comfortable pressure, and then I could feel it stretching my hole. When it had expanded just beyond the point when I would normally have whimpered, the invader stopped growing. I knelt there, tears filling my eyes as I wished for some way out.
Shortly, a new pressure grew in my gut. Different from the probe that had slid up my ass, this was different, gurgling. I was being given an enema. It was slow and warm. That must've been why it took so long for me to notice it. But once I felt it, I felt a lot. My stomach started cramping, but the pressure didn't lessen. I wasn't full but the cramps were intense. After a few minutes of the mounting pain, there was a sudden release and I felt the pressure drop rapidly. The cramps were forcing the contents of my colon out the tube. Thankfully, the tube still connected to my ass must've been pulling the waste away, because I didn't hear any splatter, or smell any shit.
As the pressure began to build again, a new feeling began to stir. Pain I was ready for. In the midst of this automaton's invasion of my rectum, I felt a new prodding, and a vibration. A warm, comfortable buzzing feeling grew near my prostate, on the inside.
Despite the pressures of the forced enema, the sudden stimulation was incredible. My eyes rolls as whatever was vibrating settled firmly on my prostate and began firmly but gently rubbing it. The pleasure was incredible. In an effort to not make any moans or groans, my mouth contorted itself. The mix of pleasure and discomfort was both enjoyable and distracting. My attention so totally engrossed, drool began to drip from my mouth in long stringy strands. I let out a long exhalation that was just shy of a moan, enjoying the sensations.
Enjoying, that is, until the pressure in my gut began to climb to uncomfortable levels again. The combination of pleasure and cramped pain woke me from my pleasurable reverie as the vibrations ended and the enema continued.
The process repeated again and again, and I felt the cramps further in, deeper in, each time. Each time through, it felt like the pressure and vibrations on my prostate were a little harder, lasted longer. Each time, it felt like whatever was inside me grew just a hair more. Six times? Eight times? I lost track fairly quickly, and focused all my attention on quiet. These enemas were pain and the vibrations and stimulation a pleasure that begged me to moan. I was in horrible fear of more pain from making noise.
I had to have been there for at least an hour, slumped over on my hands and knees. Luckily, I learned after the third or fourth enema that I could use the support of the beam connected to my metal briefs to relieve some pressure on my knees. The weight on my elbows, though, was building. I had a feeling of thankfulness for the gift... the rubber mat I was on was keeping my knees and elbows from being a bruised mess.
After the last of many flushings, the enemas stopped. That uncomfortable snaking feeling came back, but this time, it was different. It was withdrawing incredibly slowly, and a small vibration had started again. I have no idea how deep it went, but I felt this invading technological snake pulling out of my ass, slick and buzzing. I barely suppressed a gasp as a bulge hit my sphincter on the way out. It was bigger than the rest of the tube so far, like a large ball in the tube. The tube's egress slowed, almost stopped as my ass was stretched and the bulge passed through. I sighed silently, being happy for the release and wanting this new torment to be complete. Then it happened again... the feeling of this second large bulge trying to pull/push its way out of my ass. The pressure built until this next bulge made its way through my stretched and tired ass.
Five more times was my ass stretched as the invader pulled out, though these five were subsequently smaller each time. With a final slurping sound, the final bit of the proboscis pulled out, leaving me with a horrid empty feeling. I could feel my ass dripping, having been violated for so long. Moments later, there was another prodding at my ass. Something thick was pushing against my hole, and between my exhaustion and the lube, there was no fighting it. The insertion seemed to last forever, the feeling of slowly being opened and pressure against my prostate led me back to drooling and rolling my eyes in pleasure.
And then it was in. Far away, I heard a click and suddenly, my ass was no longer connected to the device. Exhausted as I was, as I collapsed down, I managed to catch myself and keep from letting my collar touch the metal mitts. I tried to lift myself back up, and noticed my hands were free... at least the mitts were disconnected from the platform. Hesitantly, I reached backwards. The large plug was still in my ass, and felt like it was locked to my metal briefs somehow. There would be no way to force it out. Luckily, I stopped myself before the mitts touched the briefs.
Slowly, exhausted, I crawled back to my normal place under where the chain was attached to the wall. I curled up and dozed off, but not before noticing the slight lubrication inside the briefs. I'd been precuming for most of the last hour or two. Sleep claimed me.
I woke some time later to the pleasant sensation of vibrations in my ass and on my crotch. Not enough to bring me to orgasm, but enough to make me extremely happy. I blearily looked about the room, and saw a shadow standing in the door, and heard His voice. Not from the speakers, but from the silhouette in the doorway. "You're doing well, boy. Behave, and you'll get more rewards." Then he closed the door. The buzzing about my ass and crotch stopped, and the tiredness, which had dragged me to sleep previously, was not done with me. I noticed that I was lying on a rubber matt now, and not the cold concrete floor.
As the world faded, I smiled. I had been good and been rewarded. In my dreams, I could hear his voice whispering to me, mixed with the sounds of seagulls and softly crashing waves.

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