Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Out in the woods

I went camping a few weeks ago, planning to get some sun. Instead, I found a hot boy to strap down, strap up, and generally enjoy. I had him swinging from a suspension harness in the tree, strapped down to a table, and stuck into a sleepsack.

RubberCondor gladly obliged by strapping me into a straightjacket and edged me for an hour or two on the cot. So I did more play with him, and got some pics. These pics and more are on my Flickr set, Camping, June 2012.

Sleepsack at Buckwood-001Sleepsack at Buckwood-000Mash cot at Buckwood-004Mash cot at Buckwood-005Mash cot at Buckwood-008

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A call to arms, maybe hands, or at least fingers

I've been a member of the Chicago Hellfire Club now for over 10 years. I joined when I was 26 going on 27, and at the time, it was one of the defining pieces of my life.

I was attending Chicago Hellfire Club events, including Inferno for a couple of years before I actually joined. In fact, I was at Inferno in 2001 during one of the defining moments of our time. I sat in a hotel room in Michigan, and watched the towers fall. The club came together, made sure that everyone got home safely.

2002, shortly after I was voted into the club, the man who told me I was to join CHC (he didn't ask, just handed me my application pre-written with my sponsors) passed away. Then a few months later, my father passed. Less than 2 weeks after my father passed, I was at Inferno, and a good friend beat the snot out of me. I really needed it. That cathartic release helped jump-start the healing process.

2003 was the year I met my mate. But it's also the year of one of my most memorable experiences of my life. I was poke full of holes in a massive temporary piercing scene that left me floating on endorphins for a day after and relaxed for weeks after.

Skip through a few years in between of family building, and we're at 2012. It's been 10 years, and now I'm a full member of the club, even an officer. I've been the VP since January.

I want to make sure that other people get the opportunity to have experiences like these. We're working on reaching out. It's a tough line to walk, having invite-only parties. But a great way to meet us is to come to our next bar nights, which are both the night before our next play parties!
Look for me and our club members at the bar nights and feel free to ask anything about the club.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poked Full of Holes, an Inferno Story

This is a repost of a post from my old blog. However, now I have pics of the scene - photographic evidence.

In 2003, I had an interesting year, I engaged in a learning experience that affected me greatly, and provided me with a tremendous learning experience. Yes, it involved more than a little bit of S&M. I wrote this narrative in September/October of 2003, a couple of weeks after the event. It was fresh in my memory then. I've decided it's time to bring it back out to share.

It didn't end up like I had planned. That's the nature of what I was asking for, though. If I got what I had planned on, I wouldn't have gotten what I had asked for. That's certainly ambiguous enough for a lead in. If I were to start at the beginning, with all the back-story, it would take too long to explain. So let me pick a time and place, and I'll tell you a little story about Inferno 32.