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Story: Uninformed Consent

Bondage, ambiguous consent, hypnosis

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Uninformed Consent

Chapter 1,  Relaxing

I answered the door the second time he rang the bell.  He was patient, waiting a full five minutes before he rang the second time.  The boy was standing there waiting quietly with his hands held behind his back.

The boy was a full head shorter than me, with beautiful brown eyes, and looking up at me like a lost puppy.

“I hope I’m not too early, Sir.”  I could actually hear him capitalize the letter S in that statement.

“None of that yet, we’ve not even played.  I haven’t earned that from you yet.  Now what did I say we were going to do when we spoke on the phone?”

I beckoned for him to follow me in to the house and to close the door behind him.  “You said that I was to dress in gym clothes and to be here at 5PM.  That you were going to tie me up tightly and we would talk, to decide what we would do in future sessions.”

“That’s right, Billy.  You can call me Harlow, or Mr. Reynolds if you prefer.  I don’t go in for titles.”  I gestured to the single well-padded reclining chair in the living room.  “Now have a seat.”

“That’s okay, I can take another chair… or the floor.”

“That wasn’t a suggestion Billy.”

Billy settled back into the worn black leather upholstery.  It was obvious from where he settled that he wasn’t the normal occupant of the chair.  My sizable six foot frame had left a deep impression.  I pulled up the ottoman and sat on it, facing him.  His brown eyes were large under his short light brown hair.  In the low light of the room, the only light was behind him, so he could see my eyes clearly but not harshly.

Being sure to make and keep eye contact with him, I told him to give me his hands.  I firmly grasped his wrists and pressed them slowly, confidently into the arm rests of the chair.  As his arms pressed down, a curved and padded stiff leather strap protruded from small slits in the leather on outside of his wrists.

As I made the motions, I began speaking softly to him, “You’re safe here.  You told someone where you are.  You checked with other people that I’m a safe person.”

With a deft movement of my fingers and without letting go of his hands, I tucked the leather into slits on other side of the wrists until I heard a click.  The restraints were a toy of mine.  There was a timer built into the arms of the chair.  In five hours without my intervention, or in some specific emergency situations, the restraint would release automatically.  There was also a manual release to the restraint in the back of the chair.  I didn’t tell Billy that.

“Billy, I want you to relax.  I’m going to talk for a while, Billy.  Just relax and obey what I tell you.”  I put just the slightest emphasis on the words relax and obey.

As I spoke, I reached around to the sides of the back of the chair and pulled out a leather belt which I ran over his chest lightly, and buckled in to place.

“Now you came over here to experience bondage, and you will experience it, but first I need to tell you some things.”  I watched his breathing, matching mine to his.  That’s a hard part, a little bit of finesse, trying to speak and breathe at a rate not natural to you.

I moved the ottoman closer to the recliner, which was upright at the moment.

“You like bondage because it relaxes you.  You told me that it lets you drift off.  So I want you to drift off and listen to my voice for a while.”

In time with our exhalations, I slowly ran my hands lightly down his upper arms and down to his forearms with their faint layer of sun-bleached brown hair.

“You like to be the focus of attention.  You can relax when you’re bound because someone else is in charge.  When you’re bound, it’s easy to obey.  It’s easy to let go and let someone else decide when you’re restrained.  When you let someone tie you up, you get to relax.  ”

I continued stroking his arms, his thighs, and his face.  Everything was easily reachable through the micro-fiber gym shorts and sleeveless t-shirt.  I punctuated every issuance of “obey” and “relax” with a slight downward pressure wherever I was stroking at the time.

I spent several minutes repeating the statements, and keeping up the body contact and slowed the stroking and my breathing; his breathing slowed in response.

“Now Billy, I know you want to relax more and experience a stronger bondage, isn’t that right?  You don’t need to speak, just nod.”  His now droopy head nodded, his glassy eyes heavily lidded.

“If you want more, you need to obey me, can you do that?  Just nod.”  Another nod.

“Good boy.”  I smiled broadly and squeezed his thighs firmly.  “Now relax and lay your head back and close your eyes.  You’ve already seen the other restraints on the chair.  We’re going to continue restraining your body so that you can relax more.”

“You know what the leather straps feel like on your arms and chest.  I’m going to restrain your legs next.  I want you to imagine what that is going to feel like.  You’ll feel the smooth and padded leather laying against your shins, just above your socks.  It will start off loose, and then it will pull snug.  You know what that feels like.  You can feel the pressure of the straps just as you’re thinking of it.”

I watched Billy’s breathing quicken slightly as he lazily smiled at the thought of the restraint.  Then I saw his knees bend ever-so slightly, pulling his legs against the padded front of the chair.

“Think how good it will feel when your legs are bound up.  When your legs are restrained, you can obey me more easily.  Do you like to obey, Billy?  Just nod.”  He nodded.  “That’s right, Billy, and by being bound by me, you obey me.  Remember, Billy, when you’re bound, you obey, and when you obey, you’re bound.  It’s easy, Billy.  When you’re bound, you obey.  And when you obey, you’re happy and relaxed.”

“You like having your legs bound, like your arms.  You want them to be bound and immobile, don’t you Billy?”  He nodded, “In your mind, you can just see the straps pulling back on your legs, keeping them tight and taught.  You can feel the pressure around your ankles.  It just feels so good to feel them pulled tightly together and against the chair, right Billy?”  He nods.

“Do you like the feeling of them bound this way, Billy?”  More nods.

Okay, time to see if I’ve gotten through to the boy. 

“You know the restraints around your legs are holding you, because you want to obey.  The more you obey me, the stronger the restraints are.  You want to obey, so the restraints will hold you in place, Billy.” 

Now, in a faster, near staccato rhythm I rattled off, “Test the restraints, Billy.  When you test the restraints, you obey me, which will make the restraints stronger.  The more you try, the more you obey, the stronger they’ll be and you’ll be held in place.”  As I spoke, I saw the muscles of his quads pulsing; clearly he was trying to fight the non-existent restraints on his legs.

I let him have just a second or two of testing.  “Relax Billy, you can stop trying.  You were a good boy.”

I could see his body visibly relax as he stopped fighting the invisible restraints.  This was better than I’d hoped; the boy was going to be an excellent subject. 

Perhaps I should’ve included hypnosis in my list of interests on my profile.  I mean, I did list “subtle bondage”... It wasn’t a lie.

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