Thursday, December 16, 2021

Story:Alone in a crowd

Alone in a crowd

Bondage, public
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9PM is usually an early arrival for most leather bars, but I had instructions to follow. I dropped off my jacket at Abyss’ coat check. All I had on me now was my ID, coat check tag, and the equipment I was told to bring with me.

I’ve been chatting with Jack online for months, and yet I’ve never seen his face. The idiot, me, doesn’t know why I even started talking to him. That said, he’s managed to get into my head and knows what makes me tick.

Walking in towards the back room, I found the main lights were still on. That made it easier for me to find the place Jack described. It was a bench just inside the back room. Bar staff were tidying up after something, and they were about to kill the lights, so I had to work quickly. A quick inspection told me that Jack knew the place. The bench had rings embedded in the floor, and on the wall at varying heights.

Out of my bag came the shiny black biothane ankle restraints to go over my bleachers and combat boots. They buckled into place and locked on with their small integrated locks. I then locked the rings of the restraints to the anchor rings embedded in the floor. My feet were now fixed about a meter wide apart on the floor.