Chastity Rules

The Rules of Device-Free Chastity

The following rules make a lot of assumptions, and I'll detail those assumptions later in the document. However, most people coming to this page will want to know exactly what the rules are.  These rules are entirely mutable.  Change them as you will.

The Rules

These rules are written as instructions to the guy who's trying to remain "chaste"
  1. Don't try to get off.
    This is the basic idea, right?  Everything stems from here.  That means no humping the bed, leaning against the washing machine, etc.
  2. Don't touch yourself.
    Don't touch your cock and balls.  Not through your clothes, not when naked, not when hard, not when soft.  Don't touch.  There are some exceptions, and others may be given to you by someone you're submitting to.
    1. Cleaning
      If you never touch yourself, you're gonna get unhealthily dirty.  You must clean.  You get 20 seconds to soap, scrub and rinse off your cock and balls.  If you are hard, or get hard, you must stop until your erection goes down.  I advise turning the shower to "frostbite".
    2. Peeing
      You'll have to urinate at some point.  When that happens, you will minimize the contact with your cock when directing the stream.  Use just the tip of one or at most two fingers to direct the stream.  If you use two fingers, they must be two adjacent fingers on the same hand (ie, index and middle, middle and ring, ring and pinky; the thumb does not get used for this).  As with cleaning, if you get hard, you must cease contact.
  3. Don't look for loopholes.
    That's it.  Simple.  Do not try to look for loopholes in the rules.  Looking for loopholes breaks the spirit, if not the letter, of your instructions.


These are the basic rules of chastity that I work off of when giving someone chastity instructions that do not involve a device.  They were derived from certain assumptions about the chaste man.  He is willing and interested in engaging in chastity.  The rules are designed with the intent of minimizing tempting activities which might lead to getting off.  The subject is not necessarily interested in slavery, humiliation, objectification or emasculation.

Duration and "side effects"

How long can you go with this?  A long time, to be sure, on the order of months to years.

I advise that while engaging in this sort of play that you engage in some sort of physical activity.  Lack of sexual activity can wreak havoc on all sorts of emotional balances.  Exercise does an excellent job of focusing your energy.

Another concern to be aware of is the mental impact of the change in routine.  Masturbation or sex for stress release, pre-sleep relaxation, or merely because you want to are part of most men's daily routine. The change in routine can make for a very irritable man.  The time it takes for irritability to set in varies, and the duration of that agitation also varies.

It's important for the subject to know what he should expect.  It is equally important for any other party or parties involved in the scene to be aware of the impact.  When made aware of the source of his angst, most men cope quickly.  Communication is paramount.

Modifications to the rules

Depending on who I'm working with, as the chaste man, or the one giving orders, there are many modifications you can use to alter the experience.

Toilet Use - Always sit

There's a whole lot of implications and mental applications here.  There are technical and mental games at work.

From a technical aspect, the peeing instructions given above do not work well for someone with a Prince Albert.  They're going to have a lot of spray that cannot be controlled with just the two fingers as described.  If you have a PA, you're going to have to sit on a toilet, or you're going to be spraying yourself with urine.

The directive to sit when peeing has a bunch of mental implications.  It's another form of control being exerted over the chaste man.  This "chastity" scene has been expanded to a control scene over all use of the bathroom.

This extension to the chastity scene can also be played towards mental spaces including slavery, objectification, emasculation and humiliation.  These particular items aren't of particular interest to me, the author, so I'm skipping them.

No self-contact

One way to extend the no-touch rule is to require the man makes no manual contact with his own dick. That means when cleaning in the shower, he must use a washcloth.  When peeing, he'll need to go into the stall and use folded over toilet paper when urinating.  The toilet paper should be layered thick enough to deaden sensation.

This lack of contact and self-stimulation will make those times when he does experience sensation all the more pleasurable, and special, for their scarcity.

This extension to the chastity scene can also be played towards mental spaces including slavery, objectification, and humiliation.  Those topics are for exploration elsewhere.

Specific underwear

Another method to to reemphasize the directive to not touch himself is to have the man wear specific underwear.  A commonly used article for this purpose is the jockstrap.  The concept being that manual contact with anything covered by the pouch is off-limits.  This provides a strict boundary for where contact may occur and helps with more analytically inclined subjects.

The color of the jockstrap can have application, too in the mindset.  Closely matching the jockstrap color to his skin tone will de-emphasize attention on that area when he's naked or nearly naked.  Contrasting color will call attention to it.  Being that my initial assertion is a willing subject and these rules are to assist, my leaning is towards the "camouflage" concept.  A contrasting color may serve to torment the subject too much.