Favorite wanksites

This list last updated February 2018.

Free sites with registration

These require some kind of registration, probably including an email address, but are all fre.
  • LockedMEN (lockedmen.net) provides a community and resources for men into chastity, and (somewhat counter-intuitively), a location to provide a lot of chastity-based masturbatory material.
  • Eckie (aka Bondagefan)'s website - pictures, albums, stories... with postings as old as 2003.  Really good bondage material.  Some of the stories get pretty heavy and intense.

No registration needed

The following sites are both free and require no registration:
  • The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive is exactly what it says it is.  While MM (male-male) stories are certainly in the minority percentage wise, the sheer number of stories on the site makes that a non-issue.
  • The Gay Spiral MC Collection is a collection of stories involving mind control, curses, magic, abduction, science fiction, and pretty much anything that implies something happening to someone that they don't necessarily want (including genie's wishes gone wrong).
  • MetalBondNYC's story archive has a great collection of a kinks.  A lot of military and heavy bondage themes, but also a lot of challenges and traditional S&M.