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Hypnosis: it can work

This is a re-telling of an experience I had with at and during Hypnocon 2008.  Hypnocon is a gathering of gay men interested in erotic hypnosis in the United States.  The conference moves around from year to year.  In October 2008, it was in Washington DC.

The conference started off Saturday morning at the DC Center at 10AM.  The two local friends of mine showed up.  The event was structure such that Sunday was planned out, but Saturday was free-form.  We discussed what the group wanted to discuss.  Problem with that was that one of my friends is a mental health professional...

Problem may not be the right word.  Because Saturday was unstructured, there was no clear place to explicitly discuss ethics and the dangers of hypnosis.  So my friend kept on bringing it up over and over as we were trying to discuss the framework of the day.

If you're wondering "How can hypnosis be dangerous?", think about this:  You're working with a former marine who spent a lot of time in Iraq or Afghanistan and you use an induction that describes a large stretch of sand.  It has the makings of anything from an instant flash back to unearthing an underlying case of PTSD that hadn't really shown itself yet.

A lot of the morning and afternoon involved discussing, "If you find someone has described ____" (abuse, anxiety, family problems), "step back and politely recommend the person go to professional therapy.  This is erotic hypnosis, not theraputic."

Saturday night I learned that yes, I am fairly easily put under.  The 'tist I was working with tried associating my sexual energy with my aggression...  and my werewolf came out.  Initially, I rejected the suggestions because I was really not comfortable letting my aggressive top side out.  But slowly with a few other nudges, it started working.  You mave have seen the "evil" picture before (over on the right).  That was me, but add snarling, gnawing, growling and ready to fuck anything that moved.

The 'tist was bigger than me and was able to control me and keep me in check, but it took some time to calm down.  Some people into puppy play can relate to the difficulty coming out of a pup headspace, the inability to talk.  This was very much like that.  I couldn't speak.  It was amazing.

Sunday started with a discussion of making of audio files, MP3s and such.  Hypnotic induction/suggestion files.  Then we spent the afternoon relaxing.  The hypnotist from Saturday put me under again and re-triggered that mindset where sexuality was tied to aggression and woke me up.  So he loaded the weapon, but didn't aim it.

As I was just sitting around, someone else hanging around in the hotel room (there were 5 of us) had taken off his shoes an was lying on the floor.  Mmmm, clean white socks.  So I went over and started giving him a foot rub, which is something I enjoy doing.  And white socks.  The footrub progressed over five to ten minutes to a leg rub, then on to a back rub.

At the end of the back rub, since he seemed to like the pressure, I lay on top of him on the floor.  My whole body was aligned with his, arms over arms, legs over legs, torso over torso.  He was holding my whole weight on top of him.  I was fully dressed at the time, but the UA jockstrap made humping so much fun.  I started grinding against my massage subject...  and within a short while, I had him aggressively pinned, pulling his arms in against his body, gnawing on his shoulder and tying his legs up with mine.  When I flipped him over, he got to see the feral look in my eyes...  that's when the hypnotist came over and grabbed me by the neck, whispering in my ear to get me to calm down.

Cooling down after that, I took off my shirt, which showed everyone that I was wearing my "dogs singlet under my shirt and pants.  After cooling down I got dressed again and we hunted around the Thomas Circle area for an iPhone charger, since my iPhone was running out of power and I didn't bring my wall charger with me.  That's when we headed over to the Green Lantern, where I planned to meet up with Bullneck.

Walking into the Green Lantern, Bullneck hadn't arrived yet, so we hung out a bit.  As we approached the bar, the very hot bartender looked at us, pointed at me and said, "None of you get served until he takes his shirt off."  I thought he was pointing the member of our now quartet standing behind me.  No, it was me.  Being in a compliant mood, I did, and shrugged out of my shirt to show the singlet.  Apparently, that's what he'd wanted to see: my fur.

After ordering drinks, I was standing around chatting with folks and thought, "Y'know, I don't live here anymore, I don't need to worry about embarrassing myself, and well, I've already gotten compliments from the extremely cut bartender."  So I demonstrated what I absolutely loved about my cargo pants: the fact that I can take them off without having to remove my boots.  Giving my pants to the bartender to hold, I hung around the bar in just my singlet and boots.

When Bullneck showed up, that's how I looked.  And after a little while, the hypnotist from Saturday and Sunday that I'd been working with demonstrated (after asking my permission) how well I respond to hypnosis.  He induced a light trance using a rapid induction...  basically I was primed from our previous work.  And then woke me up.

For further demonstration, he did something with me that he hadn't done with me before.  He tied my hands together behind my back.  Yes, Hypnotically.

It was really amazing and kind of weird.  Yes, I knew there was no rope.  Being that my hands were behind my back, I couldn't see it.  But the strange thing was that I could feel the rope binding my wrists to each other and to my body.

I know what you're thinking, "He was just holding his hands behind his back."

Bullneck played along, holding my drink for me since I couldn't reach it.  That's when it got weird: A random bar patron that none of us knew walked up to me and started pulling the straps of the singlet off my shoulders.  He was speaking in some Germanic accent commenting on, "You Americans are so repressed," while Bullneck and I stared in surprise until my hypnotist friend stepped in and moved the stranger away.  The fucked up part was that entire time, I still couldn't my arms...  That was . . .  err . . .  a bit of a "convincer".

At the end of the night, we got the number of this really bartender - the hot, muscled, young, adorable former marine with really great ink...

Resources to find out more about hypnosis, and in particular erotic hypnosis, are all over the internet.  To find out about future Hypnocons in the US and elsewhere, check out [ updated January 2019 ]:

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