Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On call garage cocksucker

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So I was chatting with GearedUpDude on Twitter that afternoon.  He’d been responding to my chastity tweets, and we hadn’t been in touch in a while, so I said “hi”.  I'd just hit 30 days locked in a device.  It was my longest time locked in a chastity device ever.  We chatted for a while before I dropped him an opening.
Reddywhp: I’m turning into a cock hungry faggot. It’s … quite the head trip. Almost following orders from any drive by on Scruff.

Reddywhp: I’m surprised how suggestible I’m finding myself. And I signed up for the rest of the calendar year. *facepalm*

GearedUpDude: feel free to swing by and let me use a boot on your crotch. just open the backyard gate, enter the garage, strip down to a jock, send the text, bow your head and wait

It was at this point I sent him a picture of me in a bathroom stall, dressed in only my jockstrap, kneeling on the floor, that I had taken for someone else earlier in the day.  We went back and forth a little more. And I was horny.
Reddywhp: I don’t need to come for a long visit… but I like the idea of coming over, feeling your boots on me for a few minutes, maybe you holding my mouth to your crotch.
Damn, I really am feeling desperate.
GearedUpDude: yea that's so hot, let's do tonight.   Message when you leave the office with your ETA, and when you’ve stripped in the garage.

GearedUpDude: So where would the boy like me to cum?

Reddywhp: I … uhh, don’t know, Sir.

GearedUpDude: Really? Not a single suggestion? I’m surprised

Reddywhp: Suggestions?
In my mouth and made to hold it there without swallowing or spitting.
On my face and being sent home without being given the opportunity to wipe it off.
On my chest.
On my locked cock.
GearedUpDude: that’s better, maybe you’re not yet to the point of being cum obsessed.   If this is you at 30 days, I wonder what 60 days will be like
We exchanged a few more horny ideas, but then I had to focus on work, and I worked a little late.  Around 6:30PM, I finally left, texting him that I was leaving, and would be there in about 35 minutes.

The drive was easy, and I pulled up alongside his house when I said I would.  I fairly certain that I’d gotten the house right.  I’d been there once before, but it had been over a year.  So I was getting nervous.  I opened the fence to the backyard and let myself in.  Crossing over to the garage, I could feel my heart pounding.

I went into the garage, and on the floor was some cardboard, about where he had suggested I might find some.  I closed the door, and immediately stripped down to my jockstrap.  I put on the steel toe boots and knee pads I’d brought from work for working in confined spaces, and then texted him.  “I’m here.”

I knelt on the cardboard, bowed my head down, and waited.  It was more than a few nervous minutes there, waiting.  Was I in the wrong garage?  If I got it wrong and the owner came in, how fucked was I?

I heard a door open outside.  Then footsteps across the yard.  Moment of truth.  I kept my head down, eyes on the floor.  The door to the garage opened, and I saw a pair of desert jump boots.  I was maybe 6 feet from the open door and the light from outside fell right on me, there was no mistaking me being there.

He closed the door behind him and came over to me.  I was kneeling and looking down.  So it might not have been him.  But I figure, anyone else finding a mostly naked man kneeling in their garage would’ve said something by now.  So I held my tongue.

He closed the door and walked up to me.  Holding my head against his stomach, he started rubbing my shaved, and very sweaty, head.  This went on for a few minutes until he pulled down his shorts, and held his cock in front of my face.  I stared at it, transfixed.

I don’t know that I’d ever wanted cock like this before.

He continued rubbing my head as I looked at his cock.  This was a new level of frustration, until I asked, in a small voice, “Sir, may I please suck your cock?”

“Go ahead boy.”

And then I became a cock-hound.  I licked and sucked.  Hands held behind my back, I took his cock to the hilt, until he stopped me so he could reposition himself against the car in the garage.  I turned to follow him, and watched him turn on a video camera to record my submission.  At the same time, it seemed he pulled out his phone and started recording from another angle.  He then had me get back to work.

For maybe ten minutes, I got to sate my need for cock.  He continued recording and occasionally played with my nipples as I worked.  I got him so worked up that he started to come before he wanted, pushing my head off his cock.

A little bit of cum dribbled out as he clamped down on his orgasm.  Cum that he proceeded to rub into my chest.

That was when he switched gears and started kicking my balls in the jockstrap.  Not too hard, but he definitely gave them some good thumps before squatting down to get more hands on.  He beat my nuts for a few minutes.  Occasionally getting me close, occasionally making my nuts hurt so I whimpered and pulled away, all along, keeping my hands clasped behind my back.

When it came time, he told me to get my mouth back on his cock.  He’d had enough fun making me whimper, whine, and cringe by playing with my balls.  I had been close to coming for a little while, but it would have taken another 5 minutes as a fairly fixed level of ball beating to get me there, and I wanted to focus on him getting off.

When he came, he pushed my head back, and he finished himself off, shooting several times, coating my chest, and a little of my beard in his come.  Having finished, he ordered me to get dressed and leave.  I left shirtless, as I was overheating, and sweating.  His come was not dried when got into my car and the air-conditioning cooled me down.  I could smell his come on me all the way home.

While I did not come myself, and I definitely still wanted to come, I felt like I’d had a need fulfilled.

He was right.  I am worried how I’ll be when it comes 60 days locked.  Maybe not worried…  maybe … eager.

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