Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Petland - Pet play?

In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth" (and you can still ask me anything until 23:59 in your local time on Feb 28 ), I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless, unless they reveal themselves.

I see you talk about all sorts of scenes but I was curious if you were into pet play at all? Do you like it, hate it, or is it just not your thing?
Well that's an odd question, and I guess there's a few ways to answer that. It first depends on your definition of "pet play".

K9/Zoo/Beastiality. Just to be clear right off the bat, I don't have any kind of sexual congress with real animals. You need at the same number of chromosomes and roughly the same number of genes as I do.

Human pony/human horse play. I suppose some people see ponies as pets. pre-teen girls. To me, they're beasts of burden. Same with horses. Sure, the occasional horse-cock dildo looks fun, but that's a texture thing, not a "mounted by horse" thing. Seeing someone riding around on a sulky is not only not my idea of a good time, but is an active turn-off. Just seems too pompous to me (says the guy spouting his opinions all over the internet). So the idea of a human horse? Does nothing for me sexually.

Human dog/human puppy play. Okay, my official response to this is that I do not seek puppies or dogs. I do not look for them. I do not advertise that I'm a pup trainer. I never have.

That said, I've had 3 full-on dating relationships with pups. I've been with Rocket for almost 8 years now. Other than that, I gave Murphy the name Murphy, and frequently find myself with a stray nipping at my heels. Honestly, though, I don't go looking.

I don't play fetch. I don't keep a dog bowl. I don't keep a leash. I don't have a pup hood. I just seem to attract pups. I really don't know why.

Now, I know I've been answering this as a top. Lemme answer now from the bottom side of things. It's much the same answer. I don't get into puppy play. That said, though, I do tend to get . . . feral at times. I growl, bite, and turn . . . well a bit wolfish. I don't enjoy crawling around on all fours like a dog, though I do tend to sit on the floor in front of the couch when watching TV.

I think that should answer the question enough.

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