Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Getting around town

In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth" (and you can still ask me anything until 23:59 in your local time on Feb 28 ), I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless, unless they reveal themselves.

If I were taking a vacation to Chicago (say over Memorial Day weekend) what should I check out and what should I avoid like the plague?
So, I've been here for four months.  I spend most of my time commuting out to the burbs for work and hiding from the weather.  It's not bad overall, but I've been using the combination of weather and my knee being a little banged up as an excuse to stay in a lot. 

When I've gone out, I've occasionally hopped up to Boystown to meet folks for drinks at Sidetrack, ot up to Touché or Jackhammer/Hole for some fun.  I've been to the CHC play space a few times now that I'm a full member, and a have been to the Windy City Bondage Club a couple of times.

But as for coming to Chicago during IML?  I rarely leave the hotel during IML.  Everything I need is there.  Play space, people to play with, food, place to sleep.

If you're wanting a tour guide, well, I'm not the one to give advice.  I lived in NY all my life up until 2001 and never went to the WTC.  I never toured the Capitol or other gov't buildings when I lived in DC.  I'm not exactly a touristy kinda guy. :)

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  1. Can I answer?! I love the Art Inst in Chicago and the Museum of Contemp. Art. AIC is easy to get to from the IML hotel, which is nice, so it's a quick hop and quick hop back into the sleepsack. Just my opinion.