Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Out in the woods

I went camping a few weeks ago, planning to get some sun. Instead, I found a hot boy to strap down, strap up, and generally enjoy. I had him swinging from a suspension harness in the tree, strapped down to a table, and stuck into a sleepsack.

RubberCondor gladly obliged by strapping me into a straightjacket and edged me for an hour or two on the cot. So I did more play with him, and got some pics. These pics and more are on my Flickr set, Camping, June 2012.

Sleepsack at Buckwood-001Sleepsack at Buckwood-000Mash cot at Buckwood-004Mash cot at Buckwood-005Mash cot at Buckwood-008

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