Saturday, November 24, 2012

Masturbatory Moratorium

In the month (okay, 28 days) leading up to Mr. International Rubber (MIR) this year, I was in chastity.  Not lock & key, but just under orders from a friend on the west coast who'd be coming in to town for MIR.  We were following my rules for device-free chastity.  They're a set of rules I've gathered from several sources discussing chastity over the past decade and change.  They're designed around helping a guy who's not locked up keep from wanking.

During this chastity run, I came to notice something.  I already knew I jerked off a lot ( 2 to 3 times a day on average ).  What I wasn't doing was externalizing my libido.  I've got all this play I want to do, but I never had the interest because I was always satisfying myself.  Well, in the month leading up to MIR I had a kind of sexual renaissance.  No, I wasn't getting off, but I was playing more.  More BDSM play, at least as a top, and I was really getting into it.

So towards the end, I got the idea to continue with the rules I'd been following, with a slight modification.  I'm not to get myself off alone.  So long as I'm with someone else, and that other guy is intrinsically involved in my orgasm, I can get off as much as I like.

Examples of "intrinsically involved", you ask for?  I've got some ideas floating through my head

  • He's strapped down firmly to the fuck bench at the CHC and I'm fucking him at either fore or aft.
  • I'm strapped down to a bondage table, being edged with my gasmask's air intake being shut off and my balls being regularly thumped until I shoot a screaming load.
  • He's tied spread-eagle on the bed, I'm sitting on his cock, his nipples and mine connected by clamps, and I'm jerking while using him as a living dildo.
  • I'm tied into a sling, muzzled, occasionally fed poppers while my ass, is being stretched and probed by a fingers and toys while getting milked.
  • Tied down to the bed with an electro plug in my ass, ESD straps on cock & balls, and pads arrayed around my lower torso and legs and hooked up to be stimulated until the electro makes me fuck a load out of myself with the plug.
Just a few ideas.

Psssst.  Can you tell I'm horny?

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