Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For @skylos: Do it with the things on the Discovery Channel

On twitter a couple of weeks ago, I asked for suggestions for blog topics.  In response, @Skylos asked "ever done a blog about thoughts about bestiality"?  I don't think I ever have.

For clarity, bestiality is is the practice of sexual activity between humans and non-human animals (ie, dogs, cats, sheep, rhinoceros).

When someone asks me what I'm into, I start by saying what I'm not into.  "No women, children, real animals, scat.  Nothing that involves a doctor, hospital, mortuary visit after the scene is done".  The "real" qualification is because I am, and hang out with, a lot of furries - people who hang out in anthropomorphic costumes (that's the short-short-short description).

So if I like furries, why not real animals?  Humans use animals as pets, as transportation, as food, for therapy.  What is the real reason I'm squicked by it?  How does using an animal for sex differ?

Straw-man arguments

  • A vegan could argue that using an animal for sex would be like using it for food.  I'm not vegan.
  • An animal cannot given consent and so using one for sex would be rape.  Then they also can't consent to being killed and eaten, and they sure are tasty at the churrascaria.
  • It's against the "word of god".  Clearly, Leviticus 20:15-16 cover this, saying "don't screw the sheep!".  Yeah, but Levitcus 20:13 says "don't be gay", and I clearly like the cock.
  • The Goldilocks dilemma: too big or too small.  Yeah, but some really are the right size.

Okay, it's easy to come up with arguments to knock down.  So what's the real reason?

Health is the big one.  There are enough known viruses, bacteria, parasites that can travel from human to animal, and back again, that this is an unreasonable risk.  The potential unknown contagions to be transmitted are too large of a risk.  An animal cannot be expected to tell you it's health history, can't tell you what it's been exposed to.  No animal can put on a condom and even if you put it on the beast yourself, you can't expect it to stay on.

So health is the main reason.  It's the reason that bestiality is a non-negotiable limit.

Why else, though?  There's no intelligence.  I need to know that the entity I'm engaging is a self-aware, reasoning thing (with a cock attached).  So even if we could 100% eliminate the health concerns (and we can't), I wouldn't be interested.  Hell, even if I'm playing with an anonymous other, there's still an intelligence there; a head-game of some sort is going on.

Sex for me is more than just a physical act.  It's a mental and emotion exchange as well as a physical one.  If it's just the physical, I could use my hand for that.  (If I weren't on a masturbatory moratorium, that is.)

Now if you could eliminate the health concerns and provide the intelligence requirement, I'd be happy.  Say you could provide me a 6'5" anthropomorphic rhinoceros in bleachers, boots, bondage mitts, chained to a wall?  I might find a way to enjoy that. :)

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