Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Truth: Feb 2011 Edition: Where in the world is . . .

In response to my February Frenzy: "The Truth", I was asked the following by someone who shall remain nameless, unless they reveal themselves.
I may have missed this, but where exactly in Chicago are you located?

Also, if you want to, any photos of the local scenery will be awesome.
Well, I'm living in the West Loop area of Chicago, near the Ogilvie Transportation Center. If you want more exact, buy me a drink some time.

Anyway, I don't have many pics of the area, but here's some I took just before Christmas.

Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 01Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 02Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 03Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 23Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 24Chicago FD 2010-12-19 - 30

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