Thursday, June 2, 2011

Story:Cicero, chapter 1


Chapter 1 – Need a bit of cleaning

Contains: Furry/Anthropomorphics
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The door slammed behind him as he made his way to the bathroom. It had been another long thankless day at work, surrounded by people who resented his presence. It didn’t matter that he could bench-press any two other officers; he was still treated like an outsider. Truth to be told, he knew it was partly because he could do just that that he was ostracized. Standing over the toilet, he unzipped and let lose a long pungent stream.
“Gah,” he said to himself, “I need to drink more water . . . and eat less asparagus.”
His dick was still flopping out of his fly as he walked across the living room to the balcony door and slid it wide open. Looking out over the busy street stories below, he inhaled the cool midnight spring air, he stretched his arms overhead, stretching sore muscles and caught a brief whiff of something that wasn’t quite so spring fresh.
“Okay, maybe my urine isn’t the only thing about me reeking today.”
Making his way slowly back to the bathroom, he started stripping out of his uniform. Duty belt, gun and badge ended up on the dining table. It, like most furniture in his apartment was utilitarian brushed steel. His flak vest ended up on the back of the chair as he sat down to unlace his jump boots.
Cicero grunted in relief as he removed his boots from his hooves, just another reminder that he was different from the rest of the force. Sure, he had to wear them by department regulations and he thought they looked damned hot on him at size 15, quadruple E, but they still hurt like hell after nearly eighteen hours straight.
He wasn’t the test case, but he was the best case. That’s what Cicero liked to think of himself when he started getting frustrated. The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department had only started letting Anthros onto the force five years ago. Considering that they hadn’t existed until fifty years ago, had only gotten citizenship fifteen years ago, he thought he was doing well, considering America’s history of racism.
“Look, mom, will you stop already?” He’d chastised on the phone the day before, “it’s racism, not specieism. If Anthros were really a different species, you know I wouldn’t be here. Though if dad weren’t such a runt, you probably wouldn’t be here either.” He loved to tease his parents about his father’s size. For an anthro rhino, he was pretty small.
“He’s only small when it comes to height, dear.”
“I’m just saying, after your father, I was ruined for regular humans. And what he could down with his horns.”
“Mom.” Cicero’s voice dropped to a deeper, hurt tone.
“You shouldn’t be so sensitive about it. Hybrids always come out different than either of their parents. You’ve got my eyes, and from when I caught you coming out of the shower during your last visit home, I can see you inherited your father’s…”
“I’m just saying you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for only having one horn.”
“I know mother, but it’s still rough sometimes.”
Cicero sighed, wishing his mother would grow up, and then smiled as he pulled off his socks. ÜberArmour had come out with a new brand of gear last year that blended well with his the wide range of anthropomorphic shapes that were cropping up with all the cross-breeding since the Impact.
Holding the socks up to his muzzle, he inhaled deeply and smiled. “Okay, not everything about me smells bad today.”
The socks, and then his BDUs ended up on top of the flak vest on the back of his chair as he went back to the bathroom. He hit the remote to turn on the news as he climbed into the shower, vaguely listening to the talking heads as he washed the day’s grime from his body.
“… and the Capitols beat the Islanders for the Stanley Cup for the third season in a row. On this day in history: It was fifty years ago today was the Impact when human civilization was rocked to its core as the Artifacts fell to earth. Ten strange alien artifacts randomly scattered around the globe, triggering odd events. The first landed in Central Park, New York, disrupting the city for weeks to come. The next three hit up and down the American East Cost, two in the Atlantic, four around Africa, two in Europe, one in India and the final one striking Iran’s premiere nuclear weapons facility, devastating the region. Of course, that prompted then-President Obama’s historic visit to the region, which lead to…
Cicero mentally tuned out the rest of the broadcast as he relaxed in the shower. The hot water felt good running down over his head, down his back, loosening muscles. He took care scrubbing his shoulders, armpits, with his arms exposed due to his flak vest; he tended to get pretty grimy on SWAT detail. Dirty work, but he loved it. He also took care with the sponge on his nipples, because his last date had a predisposition for chewing on them. He smiled, thinking about the interlude. Thinking back to his discussion with his mother, he wondered for himself what things he and his father could do to each other with their horns.
Shaking his head to clear the incestuous though, he smiled as he looked down at his erection. “Well, she did say I’ve got this from dad, too. A gay anthro rhino… she can deal with. If she knew I wanted dad to plow me, she’d have a stroke. But dad’s about the only guy on the continent who could top me.”
“Enough of that! Finish up and go to bed you oaf. It’s late.” Cicero chided himself. He grabbed the stiff brush and started scrubbing his horn. While he was ashamed of not having the secondary mound like his father, he was proud of his protuberance. He scrubbed, sanitized and polished it daily. Cicero spent more time cleaning his horn than most people spend cleaning their teeth.
Turning off the shower, he grabbed a towel and dried off before stepping out of the tub. He hated leaving wet hoof prints between the shower and bed.
… The MPD broke up a bank heist turned hostage situation this afternoon. Suspects are in custody awaiting arraignment. In science news, the Keifer Belt of asteroid debris is at its closest ever tonight, passing between the Earth and the Moon. Astronomers report that not only should we not worry about any impacts, but the gravitational forces involved will finally launch the belt out of the system. Since the belt was discovered forty-five years ago, doomsday cultists have prophesied the end of the world with this pass. Astronomers from Los Alamos plot that the last near-miss with this field was three thousand years ago…
Finished drying, he threw the towel over the rack and went back out into the crisp living room, the balcony window open. Looking out the window, stars twinkled, and one lone star was occluded as something moved across it in the night sky.

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