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Story:Eternal Rubber, Chapter 1

Eternal Rubber

Chapter 1

Contains: Rubber, bondage, ambiguous consent
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What follows is a piece of fiction.  Any similarity to living persons is coincidental.  The author does not condone the activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
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 “I was born in the Scottish Highlands in 1642.  I am immortal.”  He said it with what Alex thought was a sad attempt at a Scottish accent.
“What, and ‘In the end, there can be only one’?”
“You’ve heard this one before, then, I take it?”
“I have seen a movie or two,” Alex quipped, “I may be young, but I’m not that young.”
The stranger in black smiled, “Well, I do like the line, it sounds eerie and mysterious.  The guy who wrote the screenplay  for ‘Highlander’ probably stole the plot from somewhere else.  So what brings you to the Abyss?” he asked, gesturing around the darkly lit bar.  “You’re here a bit early for the regular bar crowd.”
“I just moved here from Iowa.  Finished college and wanted to come to New York and get some life exposure.”
“Exposure, eh?  Well, you certainly are screaming ‘fresh meat’ with that look.”  The man indicated Alex’s clean white t-shirt, stonewashed blue jeans and tan workboots.  “Certainly says ‘clean cut’.  What’re you looking for?  Oh, what’re you having?”  The man signaled to the bartender.  “My usual, Danny.  And whatever my new young friend is having.”
The shirtless bartender reached over the bar, one of his large seamless nipple rings clinking against one of the taps to place a glass of some dark liquid in front of the stranger and replace Alex’s draught.   “This one’s kinda small, sure you don’t want to throw him back?”
“Oh be nice, Danny, you know I like them pocket sized.”  Picking up his own and Alex’s drinks, he started off to a nook with a small table.  “C’mon, let’s get some privacy.”
“Hey!”  Alex started after stranger, “I don’t mind y’all buying me a drink, thanks and all.  But could you tell me your name?”
“Why of course, you should have my name.  What’s yours?”  The stranger handed Alex the beer as they reeached the dark corner.
“Alex, and yours?”
“Pleased to meet you, Alex!”  As the stranger held up his drink for a toast, Alex finally got a look at what the stranger was wearing under his flowing black overcoat and caught the first whiff of that chemical smell he would soon, very soon, learn to love.  “To new friends, Alex!  And to expanding your horizons!”
Alex matched the stranger’s toast and took a large drink from his beer.  He knew the stranger was taller than his five feet six inches, but now he seemed to loom, certainly over six feet tall.  His skin was smooth and tanned, and the hint of coloring around his smooth head suggested that perhaps the stranger shaved it.  It was when Alex put down his drink that he noticed the stranger’s hand holding the drink was covered in a glove.  Very thin looking, like the medical exam gloves they wore when he went to the doctor, except these were pitch black, with a slight glint as if wet.
A draft from the opening and closing bar door blew open the stranger’s coat, which the stranger neglected to close again.  Exposed now was the skin tight rubber inside.  All black.  From neck to to toe, the man was covered in tight black rubber.
Alex’s mouth dropped open, slightly slack as he took in the sight.  Alex could make out the contours of the man’s body, see the shape of muscles beneath the tight black latex, could even see some of the detail of the man’s nipples, hard and caught in the odd directionless light which filled the room.  Even down to the man’s feet, which seemed to be in a pair of split-toe boots like Alex had seen on some nature show with aquatic settings.  The big toe was split off, separate from the others.  It seemed to give the man a strange alien quality as Alex gaped at his feet.  The black smooth material glistened like the gloves, appearing almost wet.
Alex’s awe at this vision which he’d only seen a few times online was interrupted as the stranger’s rubber-covered hand caressed his cheek, “Close your mouth, boy.  In a place like this, you’ll never know who will stick what in there to fill it.”  With a light pressure under his chin, the man closed Alex’s mouth and lifted his face to make eye contact.  “Like what you see, I take it?”  The man winked.  Warm air, heated by the man’s body flowed out of his overcoat’s sleeve and the aroma of rubber filled Alex’s awareness.
“Wow.  I’ve never…  wow.  That’s…”  Alex hesitantly reached out a hand towards the man’s torso and paused, “May I?”
“Certainly, but I’ll warn you now.  There are some things you can’t un-see.  Things that once you let them embrace you, will never let you go.”
Alex reached out and felt the man’s body with his one hand, running his palm and fingers over his abdomen, up his side.  Alex put his drink down on the nearby table and began feeling the smooth rubber torso, exploring the curvature of his muscles, his pecs, back down to his abs.  He could feel his fingers flowing over the slick rubber, still slick when he brought his hand back for his drink.  Realizing he would need to use the handle on the beer mug so as not to drop it.
Alex gulped down more beer and sighed, amazed.  “That’s amazing!”
The stranger smiled.  “It can feel so much more.”  The stranger firmly but gently removed the mug from Alex’s hand and placed it on the table again.  Reaching for Alex’s belt, he started pulling his t-shirt up.
“I dunno about…”  Alex’s response was cut off as the man’s mouth closed over his, one rubber hand firmly behind his head, the other roaming underneath his t-shirt.  Finding Alex’s nipple, he stroked it gently, causing Alex to moan softly into the kiss.  This close now, the smell of the rubber was all about him, engulfing him.
“Go with it, enjoy it.”  The stranger slowly braced Alex’s back up against the wall as he pulled the t-shirt up and breaking the kiss, over Alex’s head and off.  Tossing the shirt aside, he turned Alex around and pulled him into a tight embrace within the confines of his overcoat.
Alex gasped as the larger man’s arms embraced him, wrapping him in the coat.  While on the outside, it appeared to be a normal overcoat, inside, it was lined with rubber.  Alternately cool and warm, the feeling of their bodies rubbing together in this latex cocoon made Alex’s head swoon.
“That’s amazing!  I…  What’s…”  Alex’s sensory overload was obviously having an effect on the stranger, Alex could feel the man’s erection against his back.  But looking up, he could also see the wall that this man had turned him around to face.  “The walls, they’re covered in paintings of men, dressed like you!  They’re …  hot!”
“I’m glad you like them.  It’s taken me a long time to get this wall done they way I like.”
“The way you like?”
“What do you think of those other men in the pictures, you can see them there, all covered in rubber, you can see their eyes, can’t you? “
Alex looked again and saw anonymous human forms.  All the paintings up and down the wall were man-sized, perfect scale.  No mouth, just a darker hole where one should be.  No distinguishing features at all.  Their hands apparently balled up in fists.  Alex reached a hand out towards the wall, stroking one of the murals and his eyes widening when he could feel the cold latex which comprised it.
“I like realism.  What do you think?”  The stranger breathed heavily next to Alex’s ear as he held him tight, stroking his body through the rubber-lined coat.
“How can someone . . . what would that feel like?”
The stranger reached into one of his coats many pockets and pulled out a small fist-sized bundle.  “Give me your hand.”  The man instructed as he pulled one of Alex’s arms out and slipped an elbow-length black latex glove up his arm, repeating with the other.  Pulling Alex’s arms back into the coat, the man guided Alex to rub his own chest and abdomen.  “That’s how it feels… but imagine it all over you, inside you.  That’s what brought you here tonight.  You wanted to know how good your body could feel, didn’t you.”
The man guided Alex’s hand down his chest and under the waistband of Alex’s jeans to feel his throbbing dick.  Alex groaned audibly as the man used Alex’s own hand to stroke his dick.  “That tells me all I need to know.  All you need to is just say ‘more, please’.  You want to know what this can really feel like, don’t you?
Oblivious to the ever increasing population of the bar, Alex moan out, “Yes, more please!”
Reaching into another of his pockets, the stranger pulled out a larger bundle of latex, “Up with your arms.”  The man started pulling the long sleeved latex shirt over Alex’s head, directing his arms into the sleeves.  Alex’s head forced through the high-necked collar which was just the perfect tightness to form a seal without digging into his throat.
“I can’t get my hands out the end here…”
“That’s okay, just push a little harder, the seal around the wrists is a little tight.  Try making a fist and push through.”
With a snap, Alex felt his hands pass through the seals on both sleeves…  But in that same snap, his hands were forced tight into fists.  With his hands in the lubed gloves, his fingers could move over each other, but could only barely stretch his fingers out before they’d be snapped back into fists.
“What the hell?”  Alex, facing the wall looked at his hand and gaped, looking between his now useless hands and the image on the wall.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?  You just can’t help but feel the rubber all around you...”  The man breathed into Alex’s ears and nibbled as he ran his gloved hand over Alex’s mouth.  Before he realized what was happening, the man had forced a large object into Alex’ mouth and pulled something up over his short cropped hair.  “You can feel the rubber in you, embracing you.”  Before Alex could even blink, the man pulled the hood on over his head, covering below the collar of the shirt.  Well lubricated tubes slid, surprisingly painlessly, slightly up Alex’s nose.  He could breathe through his mouth as well as his nose, but his mouth was propped open wide by something he could not bite down around or move his tongue around, either.
The man turned Alex around and pinned him against the wall, more forcefully than before, but without hurting him.  “Enjoy the embrace, Alex.”
Alex was not quiescent during this by any means, but the strength of the larger man was astounding.   The man moved Alex effortlessly against the wall, pinning him there with his body as Alex tried desperately to push him back, only succeeding in running his well-lubed shirt and hands over and around the man’s body.
The man moaned in pleasure at Alex’s useless attacks, the feeling of the latex rubbing across latex, torso against torso.  Before long, Alex gave up the futile resistance.  He even stopped trying to pull the sleeves off, as he couldn’t get a grip to pull with.
Beyond that, though, Alex had fallen in love with the smell.  He tried to deny the sensations at first, as his panic and fear as this man… this stranger whose name he hadn’t even gotten yet deftly took control of his body.  He had fallen in love almost instantly with the pleasurable sensation of the slick latex rubbing across his smooth body, even the taste of the fullness in his mouth.
In surrender, Alex turned his pale blue eyes up to meet this strange man’s gaze.  This man who, in mere minutes, had introduced Alex to more pleasure than he’d ever felt in his life, and he wanted more.
The man met Alex’s gaze with his own dark brown eyes.  Now that Alex looked closely at his eyes, he could see that they were nearly as dark and lustrous as the latex which coated his body.  The stranger’s eyes bored into him and as if in answer to a question he never heard, Alex nodded yes.
“You’ve made the right decision.  I look after my boys, keep them safe.  Look after them.”  The stranger firmly caressed Alex’s face, running his slick gloves over his cheek and passed his ear to grasp him behind the neck.  “You’ll be used, taught, trained.  And if good: rewarded.”  The man’s other hand traced around Alex’s nipple, then up the neck to his mouth, and then one, two, three fingers were in Alex’s mouth.
Surprised, Alex could feel the pressure of the man’s fingers against his tongue through the texture of whatever was propping his mouth open.  Hungrily, Alex tried pushing back with his tongue, to give response.  Alex didn’t know why he responded that way, but it felt natural to him.  This elicited a smile from the stranger. 
“Yes, you will make a very good boy.”
A single loud clicking noise came from the direction of the bar, causing the stranger to straighten up and turn his head slightly to include the bartender, Danny, in his field of vision.  Around the stranger, Alex could see Danny leaning back behind the bar, his arms crossed.  One arm held what looked to be the metal screw cap to a bottle of iced tea.   The other was pointing towards a man who had just walked in.
The stranger nodded and looked back to Alex.
“Well, my good boy Alex, I seem to have a bit of work to do.  It’s early in the evening, and you’re well hydrated.  I think you should learn to enjoy the atmosphere and culture my establishment here draws.”
Pushing Alex back against the wall, the stranger, the bar’s owner reached passed Alex’s head and pulled a wide black object forward and around his neck.  The pressure of this wide padded collar pressed him back against the wall, pinning him in place.  Just before the pressure became uncomfortable, Alex heard a loud clicking on both sides of his head.
“That collar will keep you from wandering.  Don’t worry, though.  It’s easily released.  All you have to do is pinch it here and here,” indicating things on the collar outside of Alex’s field of vision.  “Unfortunately, you have to pinch both of them simultaneously, and that’ll be a bit difficult for you right now.  Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.  My patrons know not to harm my toys.  Think of this as the start of your training.”
Alex would’ve smiled and nodded had he been able to do so.  When the strange man unbuttoned Alex’s fly and pulled his hard, dripping, dick out, he knew that he didn’t need to say a thing.  As the man walked away and Alex watched one, then another, then more of the patrons  turn to look at Alex, sizing him up like a piece of meat, Alex felt a slight flutter in his stomach.   Alex later decided that feeling was the realization, the decision even, that “I’m here, this is home.”

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