Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chastity: 7 weeks in!

So I've been locked up now for 7 weeks.  It's been frustrating.  As I mentioned last week I got a week and a half ago.  So it's been two orgasms in 7 weeks.  *shudder*

I've been fairly... I wouldn't call it resigned, but certainly mellow about this round of chastity.  Until now.  Ran into a snafu this morning that's going to make things a little more difficult.

I'd been using the "PA Cable" from birdlocked.com to keep myself from pulling out.  Well, after noticing a little irritation this morning, I was feeling around and felt a sharp jab from the PA cable.  A quick call to JW and a learned cryptex combination later, I find the problem.

It seems the PA cable's frayed.  It was a pretty sharp jab at that.  So now I could easily pull out of this device.  I find that more than mildly disappointing.

I've emailed the vendor.  They've been fairly responsive on other past issues, I'm hopeful they'll come back with a reasonable response.

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