Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chastity at 6 weeks in

Chastity probably isn't the right term for this, as I'm allowed to get off and play with others.  But it is the easiest short-hand term for what's going on.  It's easier to say "i'm in chastity" than to say "i'm on a regimen to keep from jerking off because otherwise I rely too much on myself for pleasure and not others and it plays well into my desire to be under someone else's control."

I did get off this past weekend.  After helping out with set-up for the Chicago Hellfire Club party on Saturday, I was duct-taped into a chair, gagged with the duct tape (thank goodness I keep my hair and beard short), was then unlocked and was gotten to the edge of coming pretty quickly.  Add a little lube and 10 minutes later I'm being let up to clean off.

(Btw, is the smell of duct tape an aphrodesiac for anyone else?)

The device had been on for almost 4 weeks straight at that point, so I and the device both needed a bit of cleaning - aromatic would be a polite way to put it.  I was allowed time to clean, adjust and reapply the device, then it was locked back on.

So I'm locked up through June 1.  I'll be locked through IML, but I'll have the lockbox with me, and my keyholder on speed-dial in order to get unlocked for any potential play.

6 weeks of chastity.  2 orgasms.  Ugh.

I talked with my keyholder over the weekend as well.  He hit some nice headspace buttons when he told me that "No, you don't want to be in chastity.  You need to be in chastity."  He's right, but it's frustrating.

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  1. Doing pretty good there stud, can't wait to see how long you're going to make it all locked up! One way or another you've still got a raincheck to cash in if you're ever really aching. I'm more than happy to help a fellow chaste man out.