Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Chastity Attempt

Priming the pump
As I mentioned previously, purchased the Birdlocked  Maxi, and it arrived Wednesday of last week, on the 6th. Well, I immediately put it on to see how it fit, and it worked out nicely.

Since my buddy MurphySkinPup was in town and staying with me, I tossed him the keys. I knew that if I had them, I’d let myself out once I got horny, and I’d jerk off. And even though I knew that MurphySkinPup would hand the keys back when I asked, I wouldn’t ask. That’d be losing face.

I stayed locked up through the weekend. Come Sunday afternoon, I’d been locked up for over 4 full days. This was longer than I’d gone before. So when the three of us: my roommate, MurphySkinPup and myself met up with JW, I made my decision. I had MurphySkinPup hand the keys over to JW.

I’ve done chastity before. My longest chastity run to date was back in 2009 when I was chaste for 2 months prior to a visit to JW when he lived in SF. So I knew that giving JW the keys would be safe. Frustrating, but safe.

What were you thinking?!?
A big reason I’m into chastity is masturbation prevention. I jerk off a lot. A whole hell of a lot. Two or three times a day is not uncommon, and I don’t do quick “yank-yank-squirt”. I spend a good 30 minutes or more massaging my cock each time. I wanted to reclaim that time and attention.

Another big reason is I like the general ambient horniness that comes with not getting off, and like to save orgasms as something for someone else to give me or achieve with me.

Jerking off satisfies my sexual drive, which means that I'm avoiding playing with others because I've already satiated that desire.  By going into chastity, I make myself more dependent on others.  It also has a tendency to make me a bit more submissive towrds those whom I'd be predisposed.

Beyond that is that I enjoy someone else having control. I enjoy giving up control. But I also have difficulty with it. When I get horny, it’s like when I get drunk: I tend to promise more than I'm ready for.

I know JW is good at keeping me reigned in from promising too much. He’s got an effective “John’s libido” filter.

I gave JW the keys before we had made an agreement on terms… but after a few volleys back and forth discussing specifics, we came up with an arrangement.

The “contract”
I hesitate to call this a contract, because we agreed to use the spirit of the agreement, rather than the letter when discussing the arrangement. He has the expectation that I understand the intent of any rules and will not attempt exploit them.

My initial period of chastity will last until May 1. On that day, I can ask for the key, sign up for another month, or accept or offer a modification to the arrangement.

Because the goal is to prevent my masturbation but not wholly suppress my libido, I will be allowed to play with others. JW has made the key available to any potential playmates by means of his Cryptex should they want access to my cock. I may not touch the key nor the lock while unlocked, nor am I allowed to know the combination to the Cryptex.

If I am to be unlocked, I must first be restrained in such a way that I cannot touch myself and must remain so until I am again locked up.

If the guy I’m with is not able to re-apply the device, I will be allowed a small window of time to clean and re-apply the device. There is to be no stimulation and the device is to be reapplied as fast as possible.

The onus to acquire the combination to the cryptex will be upon whomever I'm playing with. If we cannot get in touch with JW in sufficient time before play, I’m shit outta luck.

I get one additional key for Rocket, my husband. This only applies if the chastity is extended a second month, since I don’t see Rocket again until IML. Rocket is allowed to unlock me for play without having me restrained. However, if I am not restrained, my ass must be plugged while I’m unlocked.

JW has the right to apply penalties of as much as an additional month of chastity for any infraction. If an infraction has occurred, I will inform you and will accept the penalty. If I am unsure if an infraction has occurred, I will inform you, give you any extenuating circumstances, and abide by your decision.

JW gets to add fun and frustrating assignments. For example, my current assignment is:

1. If my roommate Jason is out for the evening (work, date), and I don't already have plans, I must spend at least 30 minutes either in a gas mask or playing with my butt.



    I especially like the part where if you're unlocked you have to be restrained so even then you can't touch it yourself. :) (Guess that just pushes my kink buttons!)

  2. Woof oh I have NO intentions of getting you unlocked when I come for IML :-) but glad you're having sucess with this this arrangement boy.