Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sharing really hot pics?

I’ve noticed something on a number of people’s blogs of late. A lot of people post hot pictures. Some people post their own pics, which is really hot. Some people post pics from online stores which are also frequently hot, and occasionally anger my wallet as I spend money. Some people post “hot dude of the day” in some form or another - rubber stud, hot puppy, woof of the day, etc. I love seeing these pics. What bugs me though? No attribution. Sure, it’s the internet. It’s a free-for-all. I’m not the police, and I’m not gonna turn anyone in for *gasp* providing me with wank material. I just think that y’know, if you’re gonna post someone else’s material, it’d be polite to link back to where you found it. If you’re going to mention someone’s profile name and the site, make a link back to the profile. That’s all. Don’t stop sharing guys. But take the time to give credit. I know that as a photographer (okay, *really amateur*, but still...) I’d really like someone to link back to me if they’re going to repost my pics.

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  1. I agree - when I posted the pictures from Anthrocon two years ago I specifically asked about distribution rights and how you wanted to be credited.

    Intellectual Property Rights are an interesting conversation in and of itself. I don't mind sharing my pictures but in someways I am glad Recon put a .gif filter on top of my pics to help control useage.