Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There's no beat... of the meat

I thought I’d post an update on my latest chastity escapade. It’s been 20 days since I’ve been locked up, almost 3 full weeks with a piece of silicone secured to my cock & balls with a lock and metal cable.

The device
As I mentioned, I’m using the Birdlocked Maxi with their “Security cordon” - a smooth metal cord secured to the lock after being threaded through my PA. My PA is a 6ga captive segment ring I got from Painful Pleasures. I need a took to take the ring out, and I can’t get the tool at my PA to open it up without destroying my chastity device.

I’ve had a few periods of extremely raw skin. I’ve actually been using Neosporin ointment with pain relief to address those problems. Yes, I’ve gone through a bit, but it seems to help. I’m making sure to use the petroleum based ointment rather than the creme. It lasts longer and provides needed lubrication.

I’ve also shaved around the area. With the Birdlocked being a flexible silicone device, I can manipulate myself to be able to shave rather comprehensively. I still can’t jerk off with it on. Believe me, I’ve tried.

The effect?
I’m horny. Oh god am I horny. Not being able to be left to my own devices, I’ve been somewhat motivated to get out of the house. I’ve been in my straitjacket twice in the past week, my ass has gotten a working or two. Who knows, I might be ready to take a fist come Inferno. If not, it’s still fun trying.

What’s really crawled under my skin is a strange headspace last week. So I wanted the possibility of getting off. I was strapped into my leather straitjacket, and had been let out of the device - partly for a cleaning, partly for play.

When it came time to get me off, I found that there was an urge to actually beg to be put back into chastity without getting off. I actually expressed my ambiguity about it at the time. Nonetheless, when he finished beating me off, I shot a lot, apparently. From my perspective, the few strokes it took to get me off felt like they triggered a volcano. It felt like the come was flowing more readily than piss.

But that was just a few moments of release in the midst of 3 weeks of near constant stimulation. So yes, I’m quite horny still. As I observed at the time, getting off didn’t make me less horny, it just made me want to take a nap.

I’m locked up through May 1. We’re already talking about extending it through June 1 since the device seems to be working out. There’s also a suggestion about indefinite lock-up. Not sure about that quite yet. This chastity round is more about a cooperative affair. Indefinite lock-up sounds like a more prolonged scene than I’m ready for.

On the other hand, I’ve found myself pondering again what I would seek in a master, or what I could see myself submitting to as a sub or slave.

Frustration abounds.

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  1. Being an off and on again aficionado of chastity myself, I'm always happy for someone when they finally get a routine or situation working for them. Both for them and vicariously for me. A friend and I have both been stymied by products that just don't work out and all that. My other issue is "stimulation" in the form of playing. I need to have some kind of regular play in order for the chastity to work its best, otherwise, my libido just seems to shut down after the second week or so. Maybe I just haven't left it on long enough, who knows? :-p ANYway, congratulations on your success and continued frustration and thanks for sharing your experiences about it all!