Monday, April 18, 2011

Photos: Christos

Summer of 2009, I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a furry con (Yes, I'm one them. Someone else who was there who's not exactly a furry himself and I were talking pictures. He hit a bunch of my hot buttons. Tall, thick frame. Excellent taste in clothing style: Boots, bomber, gasmask. You can Find Christos on Recon under the handle Raider07
Christos Anthrocon-01Christos Anthrocon-02Christos Anthrocon-12Christos Anthrocon-13
The whole set of the Christos at Anthrocon 2009 is available on my flickr account.

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  1. Thanks :) Yeah that was definately a lot of fun taking those pictures - especially the gag photos with Chris. We should do it again soon :)