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Story:The Kid

The Kid

Bondage, non-consensual, knock-out, fiction
Copyright © 2005 by John "Reddywhp" Reddy. Permission granted to archive if and only if no fee (including any form of "Adult Verification") is charged to read the file. If anyone pays a cent to anyone to read your site, you can't use this without the express permission of the author. This paragraph must be included as part of any archive.
What follows is a piece of fiction.  Any similarity to living persons is coincidental.  The author does not condone the activities described herein, though he has been known to enjoy similar activities himself.
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Another Friday night at the Eagle. The boys were going to go out in force. I was going out with them, a sort of adopted 'big brother' by way of the Kid. I'd been looking out for him for years. So when I moved here, I inserted myself into his group of friends. I'm not much of a bar goer alone, but if there's a social gathering, I'll drag myself out.
Tonight, though, I had different plans.
Normally, it was just jeans and a t-shirt when I went out. I was in a different mood. I pulled on my leather jock. With the tight chrome cock ring built in, it gives me a nice bulge. I pulled on my plain black leather jeans; snug around my waist, but loose around the boots, letting me decide if it was boots in or out. The leather was thick, but well-worn and broken in.
The leather uniform shirt with epaulets was a different matter. I've only had it for a short while, but it was smooth and suple like glove leather. I buttoned it up the front, up to the top button. I bought it off the rack from Mephisto, but it felt tailored to me, the cuffs of the sleeves just long enough for my tastes. The black leather tie blended in well with the leathers. It was visible enough.
I pulled a pair of thick boot socks on, tucking the bottoms of my leather jeans into them. That let my almost knee-heigh Chippewa engineer boots to slide up my leg much more easily, keeping my pants stable and presentable. A quick buckle at the top of my calves, and my ankles, and I was almost ready to go.
On my way out the door, I grabbed a bag, my keys, and my leather gloves. The thin gloves would work well for now. I grabbed my leather motorcycle police jacket. All black, of course. I was ready, I had everything else I needed in the bag.
I was at the bar earlier than usual. Certainly earlier than the boys. They were probably still at one of their homes indecisively trying to figure out who would drive. It was cold out, so I knew they'd be checking coats. I opted to keep mine with me, but visited with the coatcheck anyway.
"Hey Don, looks like you've got a busy night ahead of you."
"'sup man? Yeah, tips should be good." The rubbered man behind the counter made me salivate, and almost changed my mood to something less than predatory. He was more than rubbered tonight, he was rubber itself. Every movement he made caused the telltale squeaking sound of rubber rubbing against rubber. From his latex clad legs rubbing each other to his rubber gloved hand stroking his tight latex hooded head, he was rubbered up.
"Well, here's one for you. Know my l'il bro? He'll be out tonight. When he comes to pick his coat up at the end of the night, stall him. I need 10 minutes."
"Man, that'll be tough. It's gonna be busy as hell."
I pulled a twenty out and put it into his tip jar. "I'm sure you can figure something out" As I put the money in the jar, I leaned forward to meet his lips with mine for a thanking kiss. I felt his soft lips, and smelled the talc on his rubber, as he forcefully thrust his tongue into my mouth and grasped the back of my neck to pull me into the kiss. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I leaned into it until I heard someone clear his throat behind me, looking to get his coat checked.
Breaking the kiss, I could still smell his breath and saliva in my mustache and goatee, and taste the rubber from around his mouth. I smiled, and stepped back. "Another night, Don. I've got plans this evening. Remember, 10 minutes, no more."
I made my way from the coat check to the bar, grabbed myself a Bacardi and Coke, then headed upstairs. I was in luck, the Eagle was feeling particularly sleazy tonight. The lights were all off upstairs except for some light near the bar so they bartenders could pour. The black-lights caused the muscle shirts of the gym queens to glow with a striking sharpness, accentuating their pecs.
I found an empty alcove near where the boys hung out, and decided to wait. Matt soon showed. I watched him from my alcove. He took his olive MA1 bomber jacket off and stuffing it into one of the lockers across from the alcoves, headed on his way to the bar. I let out a short "woof", and he made a quick 90 degree turn and stopped in front of me.
Matt was looking sharp tonight. Two inches taller than me at six feet even, he was the Kid's wet dream. Matt's dark blond hair was cut very high and very tight. Clean shaven, didn't look a day over his 30 years. His forest cammo BDU's were just tight enough to show a pair of long legs, nice ass, and an impressive package, even in this light. The tight olive drab t-shirt revealed a narrow chest, and enviably flat abs. I swear, though, that I could see the striations in the muscles of his biceps by the light reflecting off the musclemen's t-shirts nearby.
He gave me a quick light jab in the stomach, trying for a reaction. "Hey bud! You ready for this evening?" he asked. I smiled. We had worked out the agenda for the evening in advance. The Kid had been drooling over Matt for weeks now, but still hadn't worked up the nerve to talk to him face to face. I planned on arranging Matt and the Kid to have a nice weekend together, but not before I got to have some fun.
I'd been talking to Matt on and off for a year now. Well, to be honest, he'd fucked the shit out of me on more than one occasion. It started as a friendly wrestling match until he took me out with a choke hold. I woke up handcuffed, legs spread, jeans cut open, and grunting into a rag tied into my mouth. But that's a story for another time. Suffice to say, Matt and I were on speaking terms.
When I told him about the Kid's interest in him the previous week, he chuckled and suggested I gift-wrap the Kid for him. I too chuckled about it at first. Wednesday I thought about it again, after a brief chat with the Kid over AIM. He was bitching again about the lack of decent tops in DC, and how he hadn't done anything in months. That night I called Matt and told him my plan. He loved it... at least the parts I told him.
"`Allo there, Matty boy. I'm prepped. Everything is ready, the Kid should be here later this evening. I'll do introductions, then I'm going to disappear."
"Sounds good, I'll be 'round then." He wandered off to grab a beer.
Realizing I'd be here waiting for I while, I decided to get comfortable. I put down my drink and slipped on my gloves. I pulled out a cigar, and lit up. I'd been picking up so many bad habits lately. Such is life. Drink in one hand, cigar in the other, I lurked in the shadows until the boys showed up. Suprisingly, I didn't have to wait long.
They showed up in a throng. First the J's (big Jay and little Jay) came off the top of the stairs, and I pulled back into the shadows, I didn't want to get sucked into a conversation just yet. The Kid was there, following shortly behind. He was wearing his "Sick Puppy" t-shirt, and what looked like a new pair of leather pants I'd not seen him wear before. They fit well, and wow, they've got a rear zipper. "Oh, man, l'il bro," I thought to myself, "you are more prepared for the evening than you realized." He was wearing his kick-ass boots, calf high, metal shin guards in front, and buckles galore. At 5'6", 150 lbs, he was a little bundle of sex waiting to happen. Who am I to disappoint?
I finished my drink, and switched the cigar to my right hand, tapping off the excess ash. As the Kid passed my darkened alcove on his way to the bar, I stepped out behind him. Before he knew I was behind him I threw my leathered right arm around his neck, intentionally flashing the cigar in front of his eyes, he still didn't know I'd picked up cigars, he wouldn't know it was me. I hooked up and back, locking my elbow up under his chin and keeping his mouth shut. The force of the grab pulled his body back against me as I reached around with my left hand. With my leather glove, I quickly sealed his mouth, as I also pinched his nostrils and held him tight. Working with the force of the grab, we quickly backed into a corner as I winked at Dave, one of the other boys in the entourage.
I leaned my head down, my mouth next to his right ear. I breathed heavily, knowing he hadn't had a chance to catch his breath after the shock of the grab. I whispered, "You fight, you'll hurt, understand?" He nodded quickly. I slowly released his nostrils and let him inhale, but my gloved hand was still over his mouth.
I knew it wouldn't take long for him to process and recognize my voice. I let him enjoy the glove over his mouth for just a moment before I pulled it off and quickly noogied his head. "Ow!"
"You know 'ouch' is not a safe-word, kiddo. But this time I'll be nice." I released the hold, spinning him around.
He faced me, with the kind of snarling pouty face you'd expect from a 5 week old puppy whose toy you'd just taken away. "You know that look doesn't work on me, lil'bro. Let me buy you a drink." I put my arm over his shoulder and walked him to the bar making brief small talk about this and that.
"I saw him here again tonight." the Kid was obviously horny.
"Him?" I replied, playing dumb. "Who are you talking..." He nodded over towards where Matt was standing: in the light, between the bar and the outdoor balcony. "Oh, him again?" The bartender handed the Kid a Rolling Rock, and I took a bottled water.
"Yeah, 'him again'. I'm just gonna give up. He's not noticing me at all. The last time I tried to talk to him, he didn't show any interest at all."
We started our way out to the balcony, to catch up with the boys who were doing their normal 'walk-around-the-bar' routine. One of these days, boys may realize that wandering around in packs is not the way to find a daddy. Tonight wasn't the night. Our path to the balcony was taking us right past where Matt was standing. Deciding this was the time for the introduction, I put my arm around the Kid's shoulder and swung-walked him around in front of me, turning him to be face-to-chest with Matt.
"Hey Matt, how ya doing? Have you met my little bro here? Kiddo, did I mention that I know Matt? He told me he wanted to say hi. Talk amongst yourselves." The stunned look on the Kid's face was priceless. His being stunned, looking up into Matt's smiling face, I knew things would turn out as I planned. "Be a good boy to Matt." I patted the Kid on the back, and walked off, leaving them to get friendly.
For an hour, I hung around the bar, socialized with the boys, but always keeping an eye on Matt and the Kid. Finally, I saw them head towards the stairs. I made some quick goodbyes, and started towards the door myself, about 20 seconds behind them. As I got to the bottom of the stairs to the first floor, I saw them heading to the coat-check, and getting on line. I made for the exit, and straight to my car. A ten minute head start was all I needed.
I headed back to the Kid's place, and parked a couple of blocks away. Grabbing my bag from the back seat, I bolted for his condo and let myself in. Fancy that, Kid gave me one of his spare keys. The time getting to the house cut my 10 minute lead, so I had to hurry. Keeping the lights out, I ran to the bedroom. Quickly pulling out restraints, I anchored them to the four corners of the bed frame, and stealthily tucked them between the mattress and box spring. With any luck, Matt wouldn't notice.
I picked up, ran into the spare bedroom, ducking into the closet there. I ditched the leather jacket, and donned my balaclava. With my gloves on, the only thing you could see were my eyes. I opened my bag, got my tools out and sat down in the closet.
With the doors to the spare bedroom and the closet only open ajar, I waited. Minutes later, I heard the front door open, as the Kid came home, with what he expected to be a guest for the night. I heard the pair of them talking out in the living room for a little while. The occasional slurping noises meaning they were sucking face . . . or cock. Either way, the image playing in my head was getting me hard and horny.
It was an effort to control my breathing and stay quiet in the closet. Matt was taking longer than we had discussed and the noises coming from the living room were getting me worked up. Minutes passed with me standing quite still in the closet there, thumbing my hard-on through my leather jeans, with my tight leather gloves. I didn't have a watch on me, but it had to have been ten or fifteen minutes before they broke off.
Matt and the Kid went into the bedroom. 'Finally!', I thought. I quieted my breath, however, when I heard the door to the room I was in open. Through the crack in the closet door, I saw the Kid cross the room over to his computer, and do some quick typing, then turn around and leave.
As the Kid left the room, I nearly jumped out of my skin. My cell phone was vibrating in my pocket! Waiting a moment until I heard the two of them getting frisky, I pulled out the phone. I had two text messages. The first from Matt, saying "I'm in," which made me smile under my mask. The second was from the Kid. "Hooked up with Matt. He's over tonight. Safety check in the morning?" It was an effort not to laugh, but I did smile even wider.
I knew from Matt's "I'm in" message, that I didn't have much time. I quietly opened the closet door, sliding it out of my way, and went to hide behind the half-open door from the spare bedroom to the hall. Listening to the next room, I hear the rattle of buckles and knew it was getting close to time.
"On the bed, face down." I heard Matt's voice from the next room. "Yes, spread 'em. Good boy. You'll do nicely... Now open up and swallow that gag. You don't look like you'll be going anywhere. I've got my orders. I get to use you, then I'm passing you off."
The muffled "Fuck you" could be heard even through the gag. "Oh, now kiddo, that's not being a good boy. You really should learn to negotiate better before you're ..."
Matt didn't know what hit him until it was too late. I knew what Matt was up to, it was the mind-fuck that I'd talked him into giving the Kid. What he didn't know was that I was already in the house. He thought he was gonna hand the Kid over to me after using him. Oh... how wrong he was. I took the opportunity to sneak up behind Matt, my tools in each hand. The lights were low, so no shadows or reflections to give me away.
As Matt began to ramble, I leaped on him from behind, a stun gun in my left hand and a chloroform rag in the right. I slammed the rag over Matt's face then slammed the stun gun into his ass as we fell forward onto the bed. His ass, a nice meaty chunk of muscle made a perfect target for the stun gun. The shocking combination kept him off-balance as 1, 2, 5 seconds passed with Matt thrashing on the bed, on top of the Kid. The stun gun kept him from focusing on the chloroform filling his lungs, weakening him, and also kept him breathing hard from the torment. After 7 seconds, I dropped the stun gun, and hooked my other hand behind his head, to hold the rag in place.
Seconds passed with Matt's fight weakening slowly, but he was doomed. In about 45 seconds, I had pulled Matt off the Kid, and down onto the floor. Checking the rag to make sure the thrashing hadn't caused the chloro to seap through and burn his skin, I applied the rag a little longer to make sure he'd be out.
That's when I noticed the loud grunting from the bed. The excitement and adrenalin of taking down Matt had distracted me. The Kid was scared now... understandably. Time for him to take a nap. The grunts and groans through the gag were getting loud, and the neighbors were likely to hear shortly. I quickly jumped up onto the bed, noticing the Kid was still wearing his boots and leather shorts with the codpiece front and zippered back. Excellent. Straddling his back, I ground my own hard-on into his leathered ass, enjoying the view from above, the Kid spread eagle below me.
I quickly went to unbuckle his gag with my left hand. He was starting to hyperventilate from fear, which worked in my favor. For, as the gag came off and he began to take a deep breath, he inhaled deeply of the chloroform as I shoved the rag over his face. The sudden coughing fit effectively silenced the scream which I was expecting to have to try to muffle. I gave him a quick moment to make sure he wasn't going to choke, and put the rag back on his face, cupping his head fore and aft with a tight grip. Within a minute, he was out.
I quickly unbuckled the Kid's left arm and foot from the bedframe, and buckled him so he was only on one side of the bed. I then rushed down to grab Matt's still-unconscious body. He was breathing deep, but I needed to be sure, so I grabbed the small vial of chloroform from my shirt pocket, and re-wet the rag lightly, and re-dosed my military stud. He was out cold enough for me to quickly strip him and haul him up onto the bed.
Grabbing the restraints I'd put in place earlier, I soon had Matt spread eagled face down on the bed. Going into Matt's own bag, I found his bishop's head harness. I strapped it on him, and started buckling it up. Reaching into my pocket, I started grabbing small locks and snapping them into place. The head harness wasn't coming off.
That done, I unbuckled the Kid and positioned him over Matt. I adjusted the Kid's restraints so he was anchored quite firmly atop Matt. I ran to the other room to grab my bag and came back, digging my own muzzle out, and a blindfold. The blindfold went over the Kid's head. Though he was unconscious, he'd be awake soon.
Satisfied for the moment, I stepped back to view my work, turning up the lights a bit. Matt's taught body with barely a hair on it below his military haircut, naked except for a jock strap and boots. The Kid's smaller frame, in shape from swim team strapped down on top of him. Also wearing his boots, along with the leather shorts.
"That reminds me," I said out loud, walking back to the bed. Reaching under the Kid, I pulled off the codpiece to find his sizeable cock slightly hard. 'Damn that boy does get hard being manhandled... even when scared and unconscious!'
Reaching into my bag, I grabbed a length of thin rope, and grabbed the Kid's cock. I quickly fashioned a tight cock ring around the base, and then worked a rope harness around his balls, which I then pulled down towards Matt's balls which I pulled out from under the jock strap. Anchoring them together, I smiled. "Almost . . . " I whispered to myself, as I heard a moan, and saw Matt's body start to shift, along with the Kid's.
The Kid was likely to wake first, so I strapped my padded leather muzzle on over the blindfold as he woke up. As he started getting vocal, I strapped it tight, muffling him effectively. No neighbors were gonna hear him. But to be on the safe side, I reached down into my left boot as I pressed my body into both of them. I whispered softly in the Kid's ear, "Shhhhhh" as I pressed the knife I had just retrieved from my boot into his neck. With a sudden whimper, he quieted.
Grabbing the gag for Matt's bishop head harnes, I forced it against his mouth with my right hand. It didn't budge. I traced the knife along Matt's tensed arm as I whispered, "Cooperate, or he's the one that get's cut." I knew he was awake, and in a moment, Matt opened his mouth, and I buckled the gag into place.
'Now, that's better.' I thought to myself, going back to my bag, and grabbing a bunch of combination locks, which I snapped into place on their wrist restraints, making sure they didn't unbuckled each other. After securing the locks, I grabbed some lube and got to work. Sliding a condom onto the Kid's shaft was easy. Proper planning told me to buy the Magnums.
Matt doesn't get fucked all that often. Not that he doesn't like it, but it's a domination and submission thing for him. To fuck him, you need to really be able to take him down. I hadn't managed it before, so this was a first for me. I decided to be nice, and liberally lube the Kid's dick. I wasn't sure I wanted to fuck Matt, not yet. So I was gonna use the Kid to do it for me. Nice and hard from the ropes, I maneuvered the Kid's cock into place, and slid him in. It took a bit of work... Matt may like getting fucked, but he is damned tight. Luckily, the kid was damned hard. And seemed to be liking the way this was going... because he helped.
When the Kid's cock was buried nice and deep (Matt grunted hard when the Kid's seventh inch and eigth inches slid in), I cinched up the rope connecting their cocks. If the Kid pulled out, they'd *both* feel it.
"Enough foreplay." I stated out loud, unzipping my own pants and pulling out my shaft, dripping pre-cum. I rolled on a condom with one hand as I pulled down the zip on the back of the Kid's shorts with the other. I grabbed the lube and filled his crack with it, then used my finger to tease his hole.
If the Kid hadn't figured out who it was, I decided it was time to let him relax. "Just like you've been fantasizing about for a long time, lil' bro. You're gonna be the filling of a fuck sandwich." I straddled them, carefully, not wanting to (unintentionally) stomp on body parts. Taking a moment to position, I eased into the Kid. The moment I felt his ass starting to tense up, I slid all the way in, making him grunt hard into his muzzle. In turn, slamming into the Kid slammed him into Matt, who moaned around his gag.
"It's simple, buddy, I'll stop when I come... so I want to feel your ass working." It's a shame for the Kid and Matt that I had jerked off before the night began. Sure, I was worked up, but coming would still take a little longer than normal. I built up quite a sweat fucking the Kid. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Out of kindness, I grabbed more lube several times
Of course, I wasn't trying to get off. I wanted to torment them both. About 20 minutes in, I heard Matt grunting harder, and groaning louder. He started to shake a bit, bucking. Within moments, I felt the Kid start to whimper and shudder. His ass tightened up suddenly, which pushed me over the top. I started slamming into him hard as, within just a few moments, I came with a loud growl.
I slumped on top of the two of them, exhausted.
Reaching under to confirm, I felt come pooled around Matt's jock strap. "I think you two have had a good night. Let me get you cleaned up." Not unlocking the pair, I pulled myself out, pulled the Kid out of Matt, and tossed the condoms in the garbage. Their cocks were untied, and then I grabbed a towel from the floor and wiped up all the lube.
The blinds on the window were down, but I pulled the curtains closed, cutting off almost all of the light in the room. I pulled a piece of paper, and put it on the nightstand out of reach, but where it was visible from their vantage point on the bed. In the low light of that room, even I couldn't make out what it said, and I already knew. I went over to Matt, unbuckled the gag, and removed his blindfold.
"Here's the deal, Matt. By about 8:00am tomorrow, there will be enough sunlight outside that you'll be able to read the combinations written on the sheet of paper on the nightstand. The Kid's yours for the weekend if you want him, but I require a check-in call from him at 10 o'clock AM. If you don't want to use him anymore, you give me a call, and let me know, and I'll come over and clean him up."
"You fucking bastard." Matt started
"Tut-tut. I haven't fucked you yet, you know. The Kid here did. Maybe when you get free, you should thank him for his hard work. He did seem to enjoy fucking you. Oh, the keys to the muzzle and the bishop's hood are on the nightstand, too." I smiled in the dark, knowing that Matt would enjoy establishing with the Kid who was actually in charge there . . . and looking forward to Matt thanking me for my hard work, too.
I picked up my remaining gear, and headed to the door, smiling…  and remembering that Matt has the key to my apartment.


  1. Nice story...I read that originally on Hooder's site, back in the day. He sent me a .zip of his story archive when he took his site offline, but I've yet to get around to posting much of it. I've also got a good chunk of the stories from late-great from back in its heyday, but they've all passed through the filter of my libido -- I only kept the ones that "did it" for me, lol

    1. I don't remember hooder having my story, but I know I posted this to Eckie's website once upon a time.