Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vendor review: Birdlocked Male Chastity

The Vendor

I’ve had excellent service from the makers of the Birdlocked device.

Last year during one of my perennial attempts at getting myself locked up, I purchased the Birdlocked “Classic” in April of last year. They shipped quickly, I received the international package within four days of placing the order.

When the locking pin on my “Classic” broke last August, I told them and they immediately sent me two replacement pins. It seems the earlier model pin had a tendency to break. They replaced it no questions.

Again, when I purchased the Birdlocked “Maxi” a week and a half ago, it arrived within mere days. Excellent order handling and customer service. I highly recommend the company.

The Products:

I’ve purchased two Birdlocked devices, the Classic and the Maxi. They’re basically the same design at different sizes.

I’ve had the same problem with the Classic that I’ve had with every captured-ball device I’ve tried the past several years (like the CB2000, CB3000, CB6000). The base ring is always too small and ends up rubbing me raw. I don’t suggest I’m hung like a porn star; my shaft is average but I do have large balls, a lot of scrotum material and I’m thick around the base. The last time I tried the CB6000 for 4 days, I had the skin literally rubbed off my scrotum by the base ring. Also, I run into problems with peeing, because the small shaft of most devices compresses my urethra.

My problem with these devices seems to be an issue of size. They’re usually much too small for me. Now as I mentioned, I purchased the Birdlocked Maxi and it arrived 6 days ago. I’ve been locked in it since it arrived 6 days ago. I’ve usually had to end the chastity scene by now due to the aforementioned problems. Seeing as the Birdlocked Maxi has the same design as the Classic, I would conclude that the Classic is just as good a device.

The flexibility of the device makes it possible for me to lay on my stomach during physical therapy and not worry about being jabbed with a shard of broken acrylic.

I've also got the short cable to run through my captured-segment PA which keeps me from pulling out.

Summary, I like Birdlocked as a vendor, and I like the devices they sell. 

PS. Oh, I did mention a chastity scene was under way, didn’t I. I guess I’ll have to make a post about that before too long.

PPS. I’m really good at digging myself a really deep hole the more horny I get. *shakes head*

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  1. I had problems with my birdlock mini coming of in my sleep to remedy this I warped a small chain around my waste and fixed it with the lock on the device now there is no escape